Ready to print your 3D life?

Starting from printing cute Stitch Disney models, today 3D printing is the step to our future, which is actually here now.

Perfect 3D teeth

Once you faced the situation with an absent tooth, the only thing you want is to restore its model in your mouth as soon as possible. When I finally came to my dentist, I realized that 3D printing is in my Doc cabinet.  I was offered to install a 3D model of my dead tooth which was created with PC and print only. I was surprised and curious at the same time.  Two weeks after our agreement, I came back and the tooth of perfect shape, size, and the color was inserted into my mouth. Today I can hardly understand which of my teeth is fake.

So, we realize that 3D printing is here with us, in food, in entertainment and, the most impressive, in our medicine. Is it a new way to survive for us? Several years ago 3D printing seemed like science fiction and nowadays it is available for everyone.  What`s more, we know about 3D printing?

New recipes of a traditional cake

In the 21st century, all of us are consumers. That`s why researchers are looking for ideas where we can get more food. And in some way, they have found an answer. Are you ready to eat 3D printed steaks made of plastic and powder? Oh no? But if you see this 3d steak you even can`t imagine it is not real.

We haven`t tasted it yet but It seems new restaurants will be opened soon.

Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko became popular after creating geometric 3D printed pastries. So, maybe it`s better to start from something sweet, you know, cakes or cookies.

3D printed shop

We have no doubts 3D printed buildings will be nearby in the future. And what about clothes, shoes and other staff? One of the companies decided to print 3D shoes for limited sales.  Waiting for printed Gucci or Bvlgari with less price!

And the price, will it be decreased? It should be. The main benefit of 3D printing is the materials the manufacturer can use: plastic, powder, concrete, liquids, and even trash.


Bio-printing is the most significant part of 3D printing. It may change our life for the better. At the moment researchers of the University of California, San Diego working on the development of 3D printed human tissue and especially, liver tissue.

Also, somewhere in the scientific world, the small ear or a bone is being built layer by layer. Unfortunately, these body parts were not tested on people, however, a mouse with 3D printed ovaries has given birth to little healthy creatures. And we are sure that soon a lot of people around the planet will be available to walk using 3D printed legs, keep a cup of morning coffee in the 3D printed hands, breath full 3D printed lungs and the author of this article is already smiling with the help of 3D tooth. The future is here and we hope, it will be significant and happy for everyone on the Earth. And what would you like to print today?

Katerina Wans

Velainn team