4 B2B SaaS marketing strategies you can use in 2022

B2B SaaS marketing strategies

If you’re the one owning a SaaS business, Digital Marketer or a person that is going to launch your own SaaS, this article will shed a light on 5 B2B SaaS marketing strategies that you can use for your business.

How B2B SaaS marketing strategies differ from others?

At first glance, SaaS marketing might look quite similar to other B2B marketing strategies, though we have to take in mind that:

B2B SaaS products strive to have relationships with customers forefer or at least while a company is operating. Yes, you might say that every business want to have long term relationship with their customers, though in our case, after a user becomes a customer, a company step into a Delight phase with the aim to retain their customers by providing a great B2B software, support, add new features an so on.

After leads have paid the first subscription, apparently, they become Customers and a B2B SaaS company is starting to retain people as long as possible. We will talk in detail about different email strategies in further posts.

So, for instance, in a typical e-commerce, companies have to attract people again and again to make a purchase. On the other hand, SaaS companies have to push people to make a decision to upgrade or, at least, not undecided to use their software and stay longer.

While B2B SaaS market is evolving and new competitors arise daily, SaaS product have to serve their customers and delight them as much as it can. B2B SaaS marketing strategies should take into account the above visitors behaviour and psychology.

5 B2B SaaS marketing strategies you can use

Okay, now it’s time to discuss the strategies and tactics you might use in your SaaS to boost sales and serve your customers better.

1. Choose a Free Trial Strategy

This may sounds like conventional wisdom for many Subscription based companies, though some companies might think of incorporating Free Trial to get people use software.

Free Trial provides ability for end-users to test a software within some period of time.

According to the recent study, around 45% of SaaS companies use a Free Trial strategy:

– around 40% of SaaS offer a 30-day free trial

– around 35% offer 14-days free trial (most of my customer offer this type as well)

– other 20% use other terms for their Free Trial

From the above analytics we can resume, that around 80% of companies use 2 weeks and 4 weeks Free Trial Strategy. You may think of marketing your software service to people the same way.

2. Content Marketing Strategy

You should focus on your Buyer Personas. Create 3-4 Buyer Personas, for instance, you can use Hubspot Persona Tool for doing it. I am using this tool to create personas for my customers marketing projects. It’s quite simple, just follow the steps described there.

After realising your target customer, you can start searching relevant keywords for your articles. I am using Long Tail Pro for that purposes, you could use any other Keyword Software. I described in detail how you can use LongTailPro in this article, as well as the information you should know in order to do it.

Create relevant and helpful content, so that visitors are happy to read it. It’s so exciting!

After attracting your target audience to the website, you’ll have a chance to get them converted by using different Opt-In Forms.

My opinion, is that Content Marketing is one of the most powerful B2B SaaS marketing strategies. The reason is that if it’s working, then you’ll have organic traffic on your website.

And this traffic will be very targeted, because they came by typing keywords that are relevant to your business!

3. Referral program

Do you know, that most top B2B SaaS companies use referral programs to motivate content writers, bloggers, companies spread a word for their audience?

Examples are Hubspot, Slack, Bluehost, Dropbox, Active Campaign and many others. The results from these programs can be really impressive.

You can think of creating your own SaaS referral program. Think where you would want your SaaS appear, who can be interested in talking about your SaaS.

You could also create a separate Landing page or a Website page, so that it can easily accessibly on the web. Attach your terms and conditions, think carefully about the technical side – so that everyone will be awarded for a referral.

One of the options to consider is partnering with Referral Portals, for example – Shareasale. With the help of this company you can drive leads and customers to your website instead of reinventing a wheel yourself.

4. Launch a Differentiator. Stay out of the crowd.

This might sound obvious, shout not all B2B SaaS companies differentiate the brands.

It’s quite a small chance, that you have chosen a Blue Ocean Market for your SaaS product. Usually there are a lot of competitors, and people choose between different companies in the market.

Yes, one way is to be in Top 3 in Google or invest millions in ads, but if you don’t have such time and budget as the market leaders, you have to differentiate.

You might choose to focus on a friendly 24/7 support, quality of the product, a specific killer feature of SaaS, and so on. And focusing on something doesn’t mean you will have to forget about other things. It means that you will try to retain your SaaS brand in people’s head.

A car manufacturer brand Volvo’s mission in our head is to create the safest cars. But it doesn’t mean they don’t take care of the car design or engine.

Resume. Do you like the provided B2B SaaS marketing strategies?

I hope, that you found the content useful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly. Velainn strives to create B2B SaaS Marketing strategies for companies worldwide.

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