5 Top B2B SaaS companies

Top b2b SaaS companies from Velainn

Today the number of B2B SaaS companies is growing up everyday. Subscription based model is expanding and most of customers.

What is SaaS?

SaaS (Software-as-a Service) is a model of providing a software to users through a cloud. People can access the data using their device, sometimes they even don’t have to download the software because the providers use their servers and just provide an access to people. This usually happens after users have chosen an appropriate subscription package.

The subscription based model is very popular nowadays, because it’s very easy to access great software built by others within a minute. If this software is useful for a specific business, it means that the value of the application can be much higher for businesses, than monthly payment for using this service. That’s why many entrepreneurs, businesses and solo specialists, like accountants or administrators often use this method of accessing the software.

Top B2B SaaS companies

And, of course, there are top B2B SaaS companies that take a lead in this competitive industry. We will describe the most famous leaders, in our mind.

1. Slack

If you have experience in working in IT company, you might be familiar with Slack. This amazing communication software with the goal to create a separate channels for each company or group. After the channel is created, then the company will be able to send invitations to people they want to participate in the chat. After people confirm that they want to be a part of the Slack channel, they will have an access to this group.

One go the advantages of Slack is that their software provide many features for free. So, many companies can use it absolutely for free, and pay only when the employees number is growing. It’s well secured and easy to use software. You can download it to your computer, Android or iOS devices and use smoothly.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot is a leading all-in-one software for inbound sales and marketing. With the help of Hubspot you can store your contacts in a free CRM, create Inbound strategy and market any business with different Hubs.

Hubspot consists of separate Service, Sales, Marketing, CMS Hubs, that you can choose based on your business needs. Although, the Pro version might be quite expensive, starting from $800 per month, on the other hand Hubspot has many great free features that will help your business grow.

By connecting Hubspot to your website, in a Free version of this top B2B software company you will be able to add Forms, check website analytics, create Landing pages, add a chatbot and so on. Another important feature is sending marketing emails and check if they were opened or not, create email templates with the help of easy to use drag and drop editor.

Hubspot Pro provides the most sophisticated tools, in my mind, including Workflows, Automations, Smart rules of forms and website pages. An example of Smart rule is creating different content for people from different countries. So, if your target audience is based in UK and France, you can create 2 pages (also forms, separate blocks on the pages, Call to action etc.) in French and English, and make it work based on a visitor’s IP.

Other words, Hubspot is one top B2B SaaS companies that can bring a pure value for your business. If you have any questions of implementing Hubspot to your business, feel free to contact us here.

3. Shopify

Shopify is one of top B2B SaaS companies among E-Commerce software as a service. It provides an easy tool to start your e-commerce shop quickly. They ready to handle everything starting form hosting your website and providing e-commerce features, payment integrations and so on, so that even beginners can start using a simple e-commerce shop fast.

Shopify SaaS company

A lot of companies and brands use Shopify to sell their products all over the world. According to Shopify statistics, the Shopify shops owned by different people have earned more than $200 billion! That’s crazy amount of money taking into account that most of these stores are small and medium businesses.

Shopify offers different pricing models depending on your shop’s stage. Starting from $29 per month everybody can start selling their products online with this top SaaS company.

4. Salesforce

Salesforce is the main competitor of Hubspot. It appeared even earlier, in 1999. From then till now this global organization provides solutions for sales, marketing, ecommerce, internal resources and many more. It includes different automation built-in features, that will help businesses save time on daily operations and keep everything in a single place.

Apparently, Salesforce is one of first companies that started working at SaaS model. The have created an ecosystem allowing people to use their service via browser without downloading any soft at their computers.

Many companies, hospitals, government organisations and others use Salesforce on a daily basis. It has a high security and a great ability to grow and customize features and functionality.

The main bottleneck of this system is that it’s quite complex and it requires help of professional Salesforce administrators to set it up and maintain during the company’s work. While it’s great for businesses that are ready to invest, some small businesses might think of another solution. But anyway, Salesforce is still a leader among other SaaS companies.

5. Semrush

Every website requires digital marketing and SEO to grow it’s traffic and customer base. Semrush is a sophisticated tool allowing marketers to improve website rankings. This SaaS company has various application within a single software, so that digital marketing specialists can do everything to rank website higher in Search engines.

It also provides ability to check how many visitors any website have daily. if you want to choose low competition keywords to rank for blog posts and keep tracking if the chosen keyword succeed, Semrush is a great tool for doing these things.

Every blogger or YouTube channel owner has to check keywords and steadily improve their website or YouTube blog performance with SaaS like Semrush.

5 top B2B SaaS companies recap

Above I listed 5 top B2B SaaS companies, that might also be useful for your business. Each year new and new B2B SaaS companies arise, and Velainn helps these companies with digital marketing. Thanks for reading this article!