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Active Campaign

And now it’s time to recommend my favourite solution for small businesses. You will not find so many values for such a good price in a single platform. I’m also using Active Campaign as Velainn’s Sales CRM and marketing funnel automation system, so I will be happy to recommend it for growing your small business.

ActiveCampaign allows you doing many activities including storing your contacts, email marketing, marketing automation, Sales Pipelines and other CRM tools that will help you achieve great results and save sufficient amount of time.

Let’s move step by step.

What is sales and marketing funnel automation?

Marketing funnel automation stands for a visual group of stages that visitors come through to become customers. Different resources divide a customer journey by 3-5 stages, and the most common are:


This is the first stage of the marketing automation funnel where people get know that they have a problem. For instance, if you sell hats, people might know that the sun in summer is too aggressive and they should wear a hat to protect agains the direct lights of the Sun.


At this stage your target audience get know that there are solutions that can resolve their problems. In case of hats, they will know that there are different stores where people can buy a hat to protect themselves against the Sun, they will also read about which materials protects better in this case.


At this step people will compare the options that will resolve their problems. People usually compare prices, delivery time, check reviews and do other actions that will help them make a decision later. They will compare different shops that sell hats, which shops have great reviews from the customers and read case studies, that reflect their own stories.


Conversion is usually the goal of the marketing funnel automation. That’s the final stage of the funnel where visitors convert into customers by doing a conversion. In case of our imagined Hats store, people will buy a Hat at the store.

Marketing funnel automation and Active Campaign

Active campaign is a one stop Sales and Marketing tool where you can store your subscribers, contacts, create Opt-in forms, conduct email campaigns, create various marketing automation funnels based on your target audience behaviour.

Active Campaign has been designed to serve small businesses and help them grow up fast by saving time and budget on different operations that can be automated and visualised.

Active Campaign price

At Velainn I am using AC personally, that’s why I’m a big fan of this amazing tool. I also recommend it to my customers as the best tool based on price and value.

Active Campaign proposes a flexible price model, so that you can choose the most appropriate package for your business. You can start form a 2 weeks free trial and after a trial period ends, choose the most convenient package.

It starts from $9 per month for 500 contacts, if paid yearly and grows while your business is growing.

Marketing Funnel Automation example

Here’s an example of the part of Marketing Funnel automation I’ve created for visitors of a page describing values of another solution I recommend – Dreamhost. You can check this page here.

As you can see, after this automation is created, it is working completely without my activity. Even when I sleep, it’s working. No need to hire sales people, all I need is just checking the stats and customise it accordingly to increase conversions.

This is not the full automation as you can see, but now you have an idea what is a marketing funnel automation in action.

Do you want it to be billed for your business? Contact me directly on this page, I’ll be happy to help.

Check more information by clicking on the image below and sign up for a 2 weeks free trial. I’m sure you will like it, though you can also decide not to use it after using it for free 2 weeks.

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