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Are you looking for affordable web design service? Velainn is able to design and launch WordPress website for your business fast and without spending much budget. Save it for marketing!

Affordable web design service

We think, that small business requires an attractive website, but not only that. It also requires to launch it fast and start engaging people.

At Velainn, in most cases we are using ready made WordPress templates, customise it and set everything up. It saves a ton of time.

In case if people want a unique design, it also possible, though usually it means that the project will take at least 2-3 times more time comparing with using templates. Because firstly design is created in Figma, and then a front end developer will convert it into the HTML / WordPress template.

Professional web design services also include:

1. Logo design

2. Brand book

3. Create interchangeable templates

4. Mobile friendly design

Affordable web design for e-commerce Store

We’ve used a ready-made theme and set it up, so that the Cloth Buddies store is launched ASAP.

Every store has a simple logic and web design must follow this logic. Usually, there is no need to imagine something unique, the most important is getting your audience buy from you. Make a buying journey simple and fast for visitors, not overcomplicate things.

Cloth buddies web design

Using this template and customise it according to the customer needs, creating a logo took us around a week of full-time work.

And after that, Cloth Buddies owners started adding products, content and other things to get started.

When Velainn can help you with web design?

Is it important to look for a Professional web design services locally?  Of course,  no. There are a plenty of companies, that provide website creation service online. Velainn is a Ukrainian company, and our customers are located in USA, Australia, Netherlands and other parts of the world. Today the globalisation allows everybody to cross the borders virtually.

So,  let`s consider  cases when a client requires affordable web design service from Velainn:

– they need to launch a website fast

– they look for affordable prices

– they are looking for long term partnership

– they don’t want to spend much time and budget on local expensive agencies

– they don’t want to spend time and energy on cheap non-professional agencies

After launch support

One of the most important questions is the one about what to do after the launch.

At Velainn we will stay in touch, because usually the website must be maintained and also customers are asking to add new features, pages, sections and so on.

We also can have a video session where we share our screen and show ho to manage the admin area of the website, if customers want to know more about how to deal with this.

Where to host your website

Velainn is a partner of the best hosting provider in our mind – Dreamhost

Hosting Service

We advice two options for our customers, if they are looking for help with hosting:

  1. Help with choosing the best package option in Dreamhost, and host your website there.
  2. Host your website at our Dreamhost account, and get a yearly commission for this service.

It’s up to you what to choose. If you have your own hosting and you are happy with it, of course we can host it there, though we highly recommend using Dreamhost.

Is Velainn reliable for web design?

We say YES. Velainn is reliable for an affordable web design.

Of course, we always ready to discuss any changes, updates in your website`s design. Velainn team is working for you!

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