Best digital marketing software – Semrush

best digital marketing software

Today marketers and business owners should invest in best digital marketing software, if they want to grow their business and stay tuned on competitiveness.

In this article I want to review Semrush – the most powerful platform for SEO and Digital Marketing.

What is Semrush and why is it best digital marketing software?

Semrush is a digital marketing tool that helps marketers and business owners to run SEO campaigns. I appreciate, that it’s not only shows the picture, but also analyses competitors and advice you options to improve your website authority, traffic and rankings.

Semrush includes a variety of marketing software, that you an use to grow up your business and startup. The main features in mind are explained below.

It’s best suited for customers who have want to have a huge assistance in marketing and ready to invest budget into a great software. Semrush can substitute a number of marketers and save much time that people can spend on finding complex information through the internet.

Below I have listed the advantages and values of this amazing soft.

1. You will see all the website data in a single tool.

Primarily, In the Domain overview section you can check your domain or any other domain in terms of Authority, backlinks, Organic and Paid search traffic. This section is the first step of understanding where a website is now, where it was in the past and what it can achieve in future.

Semrush - best digital marketing software

You can also check all the above information by country. When you start flipping your website, you should know your audience demographics. If your potential customers are located in US, then you should grow your US traffic of course.

Scroll down the domain overview page and you can check all your main organic keywords and who are your main competitors. This feature is very important because you can realise what you can achieve. The map of competitors is very smooth and user friendly. That’s why I think that Semrush is the best digital marketing software you can find in the market.

Semrus competitive analysis

At the competitive Positioning Map you can find an analysed website in yellow. Also check your closest five rivals. Now you have a picture that will help to override them! Yes, it’s a daily long term work to your dream.

Each of these parameters are divided into the detailed sections on the left side menu.

2. You can find long tail keywords for your business

Of course, with the help of Semrush you will be able to find low competition keywords, that you can rank for in your website. These keywords info will go with data about volume and competition rank.

You should pay attention to long tail keywords first. It’s the keywords that have 3 and more words. Usually these keywords can attract narrower and hotter leads to your website. And also long tail keywords have less competition comparing with seed keywords consisting of 1-2 words.

3. You will increase your website authority by earning more backlinks

The more authority websites link to your website, the better ranking and trust it will obtain from Search Engines. Backlink analysis is crucial for improving a website authority and positions in Google.

With Semrush you will be able to see where you can earn new backlinks from authority websites. You can also check which backlinks are used by your competitors.

4. Number of Semrush customers

As it's said at their website, Semrush has been used by more than 7 Million!! customers worldwide including Fortune 500 companies. I think this number of people using this best digital marketing software is talking better than any other words.

I am also using it personally to create a digital marketing strategy for Velainn. As you know, I have a rule to recommend software that I have experience with.

5. Semrush Price

At first glance, you might think it is costly, though when digging deeper, you can realise, that it is really cost effective for all the values provided.

You can choose between monthly and annual payments. If you think long term, annual payments are better because you can save up to 20%.

Check the latest prices and discounts HERE