5 tips for the perfect website: true story!

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Once we faced Covid-19, our life has changed and most of us try to bring our business online. How to avoid mistakes and create the perfect website, let`s clear up together.

Ok, Google, how to create a website

Possibly, it`s your first acting on the way to the dreamy website. And what do you expect to find? Of course, numerous IT companies which offer you to create the perfect website fast and ideal. Indeed, you have the right to choose the best option, but we suggest you be ready before go.

1. Fast and furious

As you are a customer, you need to know what is important for your website in order to make your business successfull online.

First of all, we advise you to pay attention to fast website work. It should be loaded quickly in your Grandmother’s PC, son`s laptop, your wife’s iPhone, and your friend`s Samsung. All devices around should be responsive and make their owners notice your business as well.

2. Looking for Browser

Secondly, make sure the IT company you trust, provides access to your website from all known browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. Most people don`t control what browser they use for reading news or checking the weather. And no matter what they use, they have to find your website for sure.

3. Catch me if you can…for 2 seconds

In case you`ve never imagined your business online, we are sure, you tried to represent it offline. We mean, you sell apples, you know their taste, quality. And you have people who adore your apples, drive to you from another neighborhood, tell their friends about your qualitative product.

But what about the website? Most people who visit your website are strangers to you and your apples. And we highly recommend you to require developers to create your website understandable and simple to realize what it`s about for 2 seconds. So, we visit your website and in 2 seconds we almost feel the juicy taste of your apples: add to cart! We definitely buy a kilo=)That’s a good job!

4. Trends 2020

Each year has its fashion tips not only for clothes but for websites too. People search for information and attractive web design in 2020. So, don`t hesitate to ask for trendy design and, of course, check website trends before discussing them with a web designer.

5. Be Safe!

One of the priorities in creating the website is its security. Oh yeah, we have not only real burglars but online ones. So, feel free to ask for a qualitative Security System for your business website.

And an extra tip we have for you is realizing of responsibility for both the IT company and a customer. The final result is a common work and desire of yours and professionals. We hope, our tips will be useful and lead your future website to a fantastic success!

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