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Your Business logo is a key component in marketing.  Logo leads customers to the thought of your company`s identification. An excellent business logo makes customers never forget your brand, and isn`t it a success? So how does it work? Don’t order logo design accidentally. Now we`ll explain to you WHY it is very important for you.

Creating a business logo definitely leads us to psychology. Yep, this small item in the top left corner of your Facebook page can change everything in running your business.

Firstly, think about your company’s dignity, benefits, and goals. The more specific is your description, the better designer will recreate your ideas into the logo.

Logo to choose

In case you choose a logo of circle, ellipse or oval shape, customers will identify your business like friendly, serious and traditional. Examples of such trust are BMW, MasterCard and WordPress.

If you choose peaked logo, like Nike, it will call to action your customers.

Square and triangle demonstrate balance, stability, and efficiency. It`s better not to use such logos for entertainment. Additionally, a triangle is a symbol of power, science, and religion. In case your business is focused on the male audience( equipment for fishing, cars selling, etc.), try to use exactly triangle. 

In conclusion, we`d like to advise you to listen and follow your intuition, because your business, your vision of ideals of your company is the most important part of creating anything including logos. Our designers can offer you a variety of options according to their imagination, however you always can go against the rules mentioned above and choose your way of attracting clients.

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