Coronavirus reality: should we wear masks on the business running?

coronavirus reality

Today the World is absolutely involved in the Coronavirus fight. Various versions, different points of view, numerous predictions about What`s next? We are not responsible for the medical predictions and now we try to predict in what way the business running could be changed after post-Corona-virus times.

The Coronavirus reality

So, what`s the Coronavirus reality for small and medium businesses? Let’s try to investigate it. As it is mentioned in the number of publications, the virus destroyed the economic growth in all countries this year. According to Forbes (, US jobless claims at its record in April 2020. Also, the travel industry faced a disaster in its branch (we hope this is a temporal measure and soon everyone will be able to see the beauty of the World again). Thus, we are ready for the fiasco but do we have advantages for our business running as for true. We think Yes.

Power of imagination

Imagine, you dreamed about visiting Louvre. Today it`s a reality. Louvre has created its website. Enjoy the best masterpieces of the World. Imagine, you can taste the best Italian pizza only in one shop in Venice but now this old-fashioned shop opened its doors for all the visitors to order pizza online. The technology adaption will be in a rush and the part of the world that refused to be involved, now have to do this. What we mean that every product and almost every service can and must be available online now.

New jobs required

The vector of choosing jobs is different too. The IT sphere is not the leading one. Health probably will be the most developed branch in the next 10 years. We are waiting for the splash of new health jobs in the health industry. The world`s situation has demonstrated us huge luck with professionals in the main spheres of our life.

Globalization reality

And finally, Globalization is not just a word anymore. We have a great feeling of all people soon won`t be separated from nationality or place for living. As a result, your potential product or service could be seen, demanded and used in any part of this World via all known websites.

Anyway, our life will change but who said it`ll be changed for worse. We believe, future times give our business, no matter, small or big, new various, precious chances to live better lives. Stay Safe!


Kate Wans

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