Create new opportunities for your business during the lockdown

lockdown opportunities

Currently, the whole world faced the coronavirus danger, and while the doctors try to stop it and people try to follow the rules of isolation, any kind of ownership struggles with the danger of bankruptcy. So in what way lockdown can help you to level up and survive. Let`s think together.

What if…my business are bakery, alcohol, coffee, and any other food?

The good news is people stayed at home but still eat. Food is the first, coffee for mornings and alcohol for evenings.  In case you still don`t have a website, a social media page, advertising online, it`s a problem, as for true. We are absolutely sure, that the future sales will be mostly online and this future is here already.  You can start from a simple website and keep going in its development. We recommend a WordPress website (here you`ll know  Why WordPress). Check whether you have fans in your neighborhood. For example, you are a wine seller, find out the people in your neighborhood on Facebook(thanks to Google location), and make a small survey on their preferences. They`ll definitely buy some wine nearby than go to a huge supermarket or to unknown strange places. Additionally, you can deliver the goods by yourself. It`s risky, however, we are unable to avoid people except on the desert island. Create new opportunities!

What if… I`m the owner of the Gym?

We suppose it`s not the end of the sport inside. Of course, if you have coaches, you can create a website with the training online. Additionally, you can give for rent some equipment. Create new opportunities! People will like this idea, it`s cheaper than buying some staff and after lockdown, there could be no place for sports equipment storage.

What if… I`m a private driver?

During the lockdown, we`ve heard about the significant help of Uber drivers and other privet driving companies in getting doctors to hospitals and back home. Of course, charity is a perfect thing in today`s situation but what should the driver do to make money for living. The first thing we thought about is to cooperate with product shops. Create new opportunities! You`ll help them deliver their products to customers, they`ll pay you for it.  Also, not only doctors need to get to work, other people still work too and you can help them by creating a trio of customers who you take to work and back every day. It`ll be helpful for them and you`ll be able to earn some rewards.

What if…I’m a hairdresser?

It`s great, hairdressers will be very important people after lockdown. But what now? You can also create a social media page or a good and informative website where customers not only be able to sign up for the future hair appointment. Also, you can create short videos with little tips to make your lovely customer`s hair looks better. Be sure, they will never forget it and come back to you as soon as the doors of your salon will be opened.

In conclusion, we`d like to support you, anywhere you are now. Stay home and take care of your family. As we cleared up, not the only business can be running online but love and support.


Kate Wans

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