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Digital Marketing Consultancy

Why do companies and brands require digital marketing consultancy nowadays?

Most often, there are many reasons, in other words – problems that should be solved, some of them lie down below. Perhaps, you will find yourself in similar situations.You found that the existing strategies of attracting visitors and converting them into customers don’t work;

– You have a product, but don’t know who your customers areYou are unable to expand your sales and business, feel like sitting on a fence and don’t know where to jump down;

– You know, that your sales and marketing suck, and don’t know how to move forward and increase volume of conversions;

– Your customers don’t return after the first purchase and you don’t know how to attract them again;

– You spent much money on ads, though the result was not so good, as you expected;

And so on, the reason may vary, and frankly, almost all the entrepreneurs will come to a stage when they realise, that digital marketing consultancy is a must have for growing their business.

My story

So am I, my personal story as a founder at Velainn started without full understanding about how to properly use it in my life.

Yes, of course, I understood that Digital Marketing is very important, although when I look back in the past, even 4-5 years ago, now I can say that I was blind enough.

I used to provide service of web design and development only to my customers without Digital Marketing consultancy. I did not think of how people will conduct a marketing campaign, how they will attract visitors, convert them into leads, and then turn them into customers.

Now I changed my mind. Not only the product is important, promotion is at least substantial equally.

And I found my passion in steady learning Digital Marketing and bringing it to life in my company’s projects.

One of the project, that has been launched recently is an e-commerce store Cloth Buddies

The mission of the store is to emphasise and unite people by wearing unique single-styled hoodies. So, the target audience are couples and friends, mostly.

I would not launch it if I had not asked for a Digital Marketing Consultancy in the past.

Digital Marketing Consultancy today

I advice to learn Internet Marketing essentials, so that you can feel yourself on the same page with marketers. Then you can ask marketing professionals to help your business grow and distinguish different marketing strategies, that might be helpful in your case.

First of all, marketing agencies or freelancers usually take an audit to understand the current situation of your business. This discovery phase will include comparison with other competitors in your field in terms of content strategy, backlinks, keywords positions, social media and other important parameters.

After having the information about current positions, it’s time to discuss goals that you want to achieve. Think of time and budget you expect to invest into growing a value of your business.

Depending on the above, marketers should propose the most appropriate marketing strategy to achieve your goals.

Some important questions:

– Who is your target audience?

– What problem does your product or service solve?

– Do you have buyer personas?

– Who are your main competitors?

– Does your product differ from your competitors?

– What marketing strategy did you use in the past?

– Do you have a brand?

– How you see your brand / business in 5 – 10 years?

– Did you check your product reviews?

– Do you talk to your customers?

– What are pain points of your customers?

Digital Marketing Consultancy in e-commerce

Today purchases online displace shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. The most evident example is how Amazon outrun the boss or retail – Walmart store.

If you are going to launch your store, you should either learn the marketing fundamentals or contact marketing consultant to help you with the strategy.

Another useful tips you can ask for are promotion and technology trends that you can use in your store.

Many people sell directly through Instagram, Facebook or marketplaces only. That’s another tactic, though I’m sure for taking high market shares, you have to create a website if you don’t have one.

There is an abundance of technology in e-commerce for creating e-commerce website:

– Shopify

– WordPress + Woocommerce

– Prestashop

– Magento and other

A website will allow you not only to sell goods, but also connect a plenty of useful apps. Mailchimp for collecting emails and creating email campaigns;

– Yoast SEO for creating a helpful and educational content;

– Hubspot for marketing campaigns, collecting information about leads and customers, adding chatbots etc.

– Adding Google Analytics to have an idea of your audience behaviour

– Carry on warehouse statistics with the help of WooCommerce or other platforms etc.

It’s quite hard to cover everything when running e-commerce business. I think delegation of some marketing functions, as well as getting digital marketing consultancy can save much time for you. This investment will definitely come back a hundredfold in future.

Digital marketing consultancy at Velainn

Our company Velainn will be happy to consult you and share our advices of how to grow your business. We prefer long term marketing strategies both for our customers and own projects.

A long term marketing strategy will allow businesses grow up in value fundamentally. At the same time, it’s always A/B testing, and each strategy has to be improved from time to time according to actual results.

Speaking about content strategy allowing companies get higher positions organically, it’s essential to know who your customers are, create at least 2-3 customer personas.

Then we do a deep competitive research to have an idea of opportunities to target. Also usually the research will show your competitors’ issues, that their customers claim. It can be to high delivery time, issues with products, unprofessional support and so on.

The more feedback and reviews from real customers we can get, the more pain points we can resolve in the future. Thus, you will be able to attract more people dedicated to your brand.

I found that many marketing companies provide very complex charts and funnels, so that entrepreneurs feel uncomfy and overwhelming. We try to provide as simple information, as possible, so that even children can understand it.

We also watched movies and news where large marketing departments of top companies, like Johnson&Johnson, Coca Cola, Apple, Netflix etc. sit at table for 30 persons and dispute about possible ways of promotion.

When this approach may work for large companies, small and mid business like we are should get fast and simple digital marketing consultancy.

There are a few questions that can be resolved fast:

1. Your current positions.

2. Your goals.

3. Suggestions to achieve these goals.

In terms of the content:

1. Your keywords

2. Your customers

3. Your competitors


Small business requires digital marketing consultancy if they want to achieve growth in value.

It’s recommended to learn the digital marketing essentials, so that you can be on the same page with the field professionals. At the same time you should delegate and compare the strategies suggested by specialists.

Don’t feel overwhelmed and ask for simple and reliable analysis reports, and choose strategies you feel are the best for your business.

Thank you for reading this article!

I would appreciate to know your thoughts about this article, what you like and dislike, and what you what topics you want to read next time.

Anton Tverdokhlib,

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