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Active Campaign Digital Marketing CRM for small businesses

In this article I intend to shed a light on Digital Marketing CRM Active Campaign.

We are living in a digital age, and we need more and more resources, features and functionalities to keep on moving forward our online presence. And it doesn’t matter, if we promote a personal brand at YouTube or large-scale company via Facebook.

Some time ago we had to have multiple accounts to cover different functions like Digital Marketing automations and keeping information about customers at a single place.

But it used to be in the past. Now we have an option to keep all our customers under a single roof and interact with them by creating marketing automations and email campaigns.

And all we need is just create an account at Active Campaign!

Valuable features of Digital Marketing CRM Active Campaign

Below I explained why Active Campaign is honestly the best Digital Marketing CRM and what differs it among others.

Shed a light on Digital Marketing CRM Active Campaign


Contact is a starting point in each marketing automation CRM. The more reliable contacts you and your business have, the better. Of course, I mean not just generic contacts, but people who visited your website or somehow shown interest in your company.

In Active Campaign Contact has to have an email address first of all. It’s simple, you must have a valid email to build automations and campaigns later.

Keeping all your contacts at one place helps to ensure everything is there. You can add/edit information about your visitors, leads and customers, analyse all transactions and conversions attached to them easily.

Opt-in Forms

All people who have come across Opt-in forms integrated into your website would add to Active Campaign automatically. You can check which lead magnet works great and which forms have to be improved or replaced.

As an example, you can find an Active Campaign opt-in form at the sidebar of our Blog.

With the help of Active Campaign you will be able to add a pop-up form as well, that usually can be seen by more people comparing with a fixed form.

Don’t forget to propose something valuable to people in return to their emails.


With the help of lists one can create a large groups of visitors, so that it’s easier to segment them later. For instance, you can create a separate list of visitors who came through a lead magnet at a landing page dedicated to a separate product or service.

For instance, if you sell clothes and create a landing page to promote a separate hoodie, like at Cloth Buddies store, when there is a conversion, emails will be stored at a list chosen beforehand. Thus, you would know that these audience come from a concert landing page or another source.

Marketing automation in Active Campaign CRM

With the help of Active Campaign you can create various marketing automations. Create once, and this automation will work for you all the time until you stop it.

After people give their email, you can add it to any automation you think is appropriate. Below is an marketing automation that can be used in Active Campaign.

Active campaign marketing automation crm example

Email Automation

Another amazing feature in Active Campaign is email automation. With the help of this functionality you can create a queue of emails with a variety of attractive design templates.

Customise email as you want, set up time you audience is likely to open the email and start your first email campaign!

In some States the best time of emails is between 9 am – 10 am at weekdays, when people are drinking coffee and check their emails, though you should learn about Prime time for opening emails of your audience.

Below you can see some handsome emails template examples:

Email template at Active Campaign

You can add text blocks, images, video (it will be placed as a screenshot with a button to play) and other awesome resources Active Campaign provided for us.

Landing pages

Recently this Digital marketing CRM have launched Drag-n-drop builder for landing pages! It means that now we can create beautiful Landings at Active Campaign! No need to pay twice by subscribing at other applications.

Some of them cost more than $100 per month, so this feature is really an impressive step forward for marketers and small business owners.

You don’t need to know how to code, just pull blocks and combine a cool Landing page!

Landing page at Active Campaign

Sign up at best digital marketing CRM!

If you sign up by using the below link, it will be at no cost for you and I’ll get a commission from Active Campaign for recommending them. If you think, Active Campaign is a good choice for you and your company, I would appreciate if you sign up by clicking the image below

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