Dreamhost hosting

DreamHost is the best best small business web hosting and in this article I’m going to describe you why. It’s so easy and structured, so that even beginners will feel comfy to use it for hosting their websites.

Dreamhost team has more than 20 years of hosting experience, and their focus is small business websites. They already have different pre-built functionalities, that make hosting administration easier compared to other hosting companies.

I will try to explain why personally I have chosen this hosting 2 years ago and still think that this was a great decision and investment.

Actually, what is the purpose of hosting?

Hosting allows individuals and businesses to store their websites in a a single place, like if you keep products in a basket. Instead of a basket, there is a hosting in the internet world. You have to have hosting if you want your website is visible in the web. A website can’t live without hosting, it must be placed somewhere.

Why DreamHost is the best small business web hosting?

I recommend this hosting provider to my customers, because it has all the features you need, strong security, and fast support. Let’s talk of it in details:

DreamHost is recommended by WordPress

WordPress is the most flexible platform for creating website for small businesses. With the help of WordPress we can create an attractive website fast, set up security plugins, optimise website’s speed, so that you can enjoy your online business.

WordPress is great for blogs, e-commerce websites, portfolio websites, personal websites, even SAAS website and so on. You can check Velainn’s portfolio here.

And yes, WordPress recommends DreamHost to their users. That values better than a thousand words!

It has very intuitive and comfy Control Panel

With the help of DreamHost control panel, you can easily administrate your websites, find features you need, buy domains and do many other things included in a single place

DreamHost - best small business web hosting

Pricing of best small business web hosting

You can store your WordPress website for a little as $2,59 per month for a single website! And just $2,95 per month for Multiple website hosted at one account!

I have chosen the second one for my business, so I can easily store alley websites, landing pages, domains and subdomains in a single place! It’s called Shared Unlimited.

Shared unlimited Dreamhost

Click on this link and Sign Up on the best small business web hosting today!

WordPress Website builder

With the help of pre-built WordPress website builder, you will be able to install WordPress with just a single click when creating your website!

DreamHost also allows to choose installing the most necessary plugins, so that you will have a website with some functionality that you can use from a start. If you don’t need any of these plugins, they can be easily deactivated and removed whenever you want.

Free SSL certificate

Another awesome thing is that you can add SSL certificate to ALL your WordPress websites FOR FREE! It’s no need to buy SSL certificates, DreamHost will allow you adding them absolutely for free, and you will save your money for other things.

With SSL your website will be secured and all people coming there will see it’s secured too.

Unlimited Emails

It’s necessary for each small business to have a corporate email. With the help of DreamHost you will be able to create unlimited number of emails for your business!

DreamHost web mail

This hosting provider has their own Web mail service, so you can operate from there or connect your corporate email to your Gmail, if this way is more convenient for you.

I want to remind, that me personally and velainn.com will be happy to help you setting up DreamHost and connect it with your business smoothly.

Easy migration with the help of official DreamHost WordPress plugin

If you want to migrate your WordPress website to DreamHost, we have a great news! This provider has their own plugin aiming to migrate your website easily.

All we need is just uploading file, few clicks and your website and Data Base will be migrated!

No need to hire expensive website administrators. You can do it either yourself or delegate to us and we will migrate your website absolutely for free!

So, that’s why we think that DreamHost is the best small business web hosting

DreamHost includes different plans suited perfectly for the needs of small businesses. Whether you need to host only one website or several, WordPress or other CMS, DreamHost is a great choice.

Feel free to contact Velainn or personally Anton Tverdokhlib if you have any questions or think of using DreamHost as your hosting provider.