High traffic WordPress hosting with Dreamhost

High traffic wordpress hosting

In this article I will explain in details why Dreamhost is a great high traffic WordPress hosting provider.

Is your website visited by a large number of people? Are you looking for a reliable hosting provider to keep your website secured? And what is very important for such websites – keep a high speed of loading and ensuring the WordPress website is not crushed because of high volume of visitors.

What is high traffic volume?

There are many factors influencing the term “high traffic”. The high traffic thershold may start from 100,000 AADT (Annual Average Daily Traffic) across different industries, though it also depends on different criteria.

You might also have a WordPress website between 30,000 and 50,000 AADT which is quite a bulk, on my mind.

How to define it in your personal case? If your WordPress website become slower and sometimes it even goes down, you have to consider to join a high traffic WordPress hosting.

Why Dreamhost is a great high traffic wordpress hosting

Dreamhost includes different features for their customers, but one of the most comprehensive and valuable solutions is DreamPress.

DreamPress Hosting solution has been designed specially for WordPress websites with high traffic volume.

Depending on your current volume and a predicted traffic, you have a chance to choose one of three DreamPress plans below.

NameDreampressDreamPress PlusDreamPress Pro
Monthly visitors*100,000300,0001,000,000 +
Price per year$203,4$299,4$863,4
SSD Storage30GB60GB120GB
Daily backupsYesYesYes
Unlimited CDN*NoYesYes

As you can see from the above plans, you can choose the most appropriate package depending on your website volume and other metrics.

Monthly visitors

Please pay attention, that the numbers are approximate, it means you don’t necessarily have to switch from DreamPress to DreamPress Plus, if for instance you have 300,001 visitors per month. It’s just a rough number when DreamHost advices to upgrade your plan to a more powerful one.

Unlimited CDN

That is an additional protection layer. DreamHost replicates your static content to the servers all over the world. As the result, your WordPress website is loading faster for people worldwide! No matter where your visitor is located.

Special Offer!

You will be able to try DreamPress for 3 month for a discounted price $12 per month! All you need is just sign up your DreamHost account by clicking on the button below!

After clicking on the button, scroll down the page and find WordPress Hosting (check the screenshot below)

Wordpress Hosting

On the appeared page find DreamPress

DreamPress - high traffic WordPress hosting

And after clicking on DreamPress, pull the leverage to Monthly Plans choose one of three plans, that you want to try for 3 months by a discounted price.

Click on leverage to switch to monthly plans

Click on Sign Up at the bottom of each plan and you are there!

Free migration

DreamHost allows migrating your current WordPress website from another Hosting provider FOR FREE!

All you need is just installing DreamHost Automated Migration Plugin and follow the instructions you can find after installing it on your website.

If you need any help, you can contact Velainn or DreamHost Support team.

Unlimited Email for Free

Another great bonus is that you will be able to create as much emails as you want, absolutely for free! It is possible to use DreamPress webmail software or connect your email to Gmail and operate from there.

Still doubting? Read this article about DreamHost at our website.

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