7 reasons why you should hire dedicated developers with Velainn

hire dedicated developers with Velainn

In this article I will provide arguments why you should hire dedicated developers with Velainn.

Most of Velainn’s customers are from The United States, EU and Australia. All these regions have completely different time zones, though all our customers find it useful to build their teams and projects with us.

Read the article and always feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Primarily, let’s sort out who are dedicated employees themselves.

Who is a dedicated employee?

A dedicated employee is a person who works on paper for one company, though fully integrated into another company’s management and process.

In our case, we hire dedicated developers or any other professionals upon our customer’s request. Velainn can also suggest hiring employees with concrete skills to accomplish tasks according to our vision.

hire dedicated developers

A simple life example is our customer form The Netherlands. Ronald is running and managing his multiple websites including Analist.nl.

He hired a dedicated software developer through us and also when there is an occasional need of other people, we hire them for Analist. So, in this case we have a situation where our customer is managing professional software developers, and he doesn’t need to dig into local Ukrainian paper work, recruiting, salaries, taxes, and other overheads. Our company is doing it instead.

When you should consider to hire dedicated developers and other employees with Velainn?

1. Cost-effectiveness. If you find yourself in a position when you need to build a product and you don’t have investment to hire expensive local people. Though I don’t recommend to look for cheap solutions from Asia or other locations, because you can waste your time and budget on people that don’t work.

2. Values. Ukraine is a European country and people are having values that are very similar to The United States, EU and Australia. That’s why usually they need less time to integrate with companies from these countries.

3. Speed. Velainn is working hard to find and hire high-level dedicated developers with the help of large base of connections in Ukraine. We also have a stable business model, so that dedicated people can start working for our customers ASAP. No need to wait a week or more. We sign all documents and sort off all paper work fast, within 1-2 days after making a decision.

4. Time variety. Another thing is that we can hire people part-time. Almost all other companies are providing full-time only, but I understand that sometimes you need 20 hours of work instead of 40. Or even 5 hours per week. We can fulfil these positions as well.

remote team model

5. Different specialities. Sometimes your company needs to hire dedicated developers, and sometimes you may need dedicated QA engineers, E-commerce specialists or Virtual assistants. We can help you with these positions as well.

6. Dedicated model. As I wrote at About page, we don’t work as an outsource company. Outsource company is interested in selling their employee’s time. Sometimes even when these people are not a good fit to current tasks and goals. Velainn is interested in growing businesses of our customers by hiring dedicated people that will really help to achieve business goals. And of course, long term relationship is our priority.

7. Other IT professionals. We can find also non-popular software development skills, for example, people experienced in CRM development and integration like Hubspot, SalesForce, Active Campaign and others. In terms of Digital Marketing you might also be interested to hire people experienced in Semrush, LongTailPro and other platforms. Let us know which skill you require, and you’ll be astonished with our dedicated people’s quality.

As I said above, I will be happy to speak with you directly and answer all the questions about how we can achieve more together.

Thank you for reading this article.

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