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During last several years Covid-19 has accelerated the popularity of hiring remote teams including sales staff. Sales staff is responsible for work of high importance, they are finding potential customers. Thus, hire remote sales staff is the key to absolute success of any professional team.

Remote staff benefits

Efficient remote team is the most popular request for nowadays business. Moreover, the remote team practise is actual for any type of business, no benefits for IT sphere only. However, can we truly estimate the benefits of hiring remote staff? Let’s try:

Firstly, a business owner has no need to pay for office space. And it’s quite a huge amount of money which can be lead to hiring top specialists. So, a remote team is less cost-efficient.

Secondly, you have an opportunity to hire best professionals in your sphere not concentrating on their physical location. Choose the best worldwide team. The only problem you may have it’s a timezone deal.

Thirdly, hiring remote sales staff or developers provides a fast adopting to new work conditions like possible lockdowns, negative weather forecast. Additionally, disabled people can become part of your remote team. and it’s not a charity, it’s a real job and for you personally, it’s a chance to spread a variety of professionals.

Remote sales staff. How it works.

As it was said earlier, sales staff is the key to rewarding work of the whole team. Communication in team and with clients is a basis to the sales staff work. Could the remote sales staff show the same good result in work as they do in your office. Does the live communication influence their proper work? We can’t say for sure. The reason is we are just studying working absolutely online. This is a challenge for all of us. And every challenge leads us to new unknown opportunities.

The main goal for remote sales staff is their productivity. But how it works remotely? What are your instruments to motivate your sales and control their work. We have some tips for you:

A cup of goals. Suggest your sales staff team a practice to start working days from a cup of whatever and discussing plans for a day. You can set top goals for a day for doing them first as most important. Such a simple step should motivate your remote team and make them concentrated even in their cozy home chair.

Basket of ideas for a customer. Brainstorming for your sales team is always a good idea. And it’s the easiest thing in the office but what about home? Using https://slack.com creates perfect conditions for your team brainstorming. A basket of perfect ideas will provide you with new satisfied customer.

Hire remote sales staff is a really friendly idea. They can contact potential clients through phone and email contact. Knowing virtual conference technology and experience with special tools will be helpful for remote sales staff. However, different companies use different tools for similar problems. And this issue could be resolved easily. In case your sales manager can’t properly use your usual tool, he/she can watch online tutorials and it won’t be difficult to clear it up in the shortest time.

Remote sales staff motivation

As your remote sales staff leads your company to a visible success, they also need some motivation. A sales manager is a type of artist and actor. They play the role, feel the mood of a client, creates new strategies and further steps in mind. Don’t make them stop creating.

For inspiration we offer you to try send your sales staff little presents like a good bottle of wine or some fruit for successful deal. Additionally, the most expensive gift for sales staff is a good paper book. Let’s stay in real world a little. A paper book makes us surely feel its deep thoughts. Also reading a paper book makes your sales manager relaxed and it’s an important part.

Relaxation is the second popular idea after working hard. To connect these two opposite ideas we suggest you to buy a subscription for meditation and yoga applications. Better idea is hiring not only a remote sales staff but also an online yoga coach. But, where are these limits in relaxing your remote staff? Except yoga coaches we have latina and pilates, boxing trainings and more. Suggest your team to choose their new hobby and they will be grateful.

For more ideas concerning remote team motivation you can follow https://velainn.com/motivating-remote-employees/

And the last thought we’d like to reflect is communicating and understanding your team. No matter what religion, colour of skin, timezone and preferences your remote sales staff have. They should be united with the achievements and success in their professional life, in your team. It’s not easy to gather a dream team but remotely we have much more chances.

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