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Running a business means having never-ending tasks in your daily schedule and in this pandemic, things have taken a new route. Instead of hiring employees to work in person, the world has shifted to remote working. In this situation, employers are hiring remote employees from all around the world to cater to their business needs. 

Hiring Salesforce developers is considered an efficient option because a remote team of developers helps entrepreneurs cut as much cost as possible. Let’s understand what Salesforce is, what a salesforce developer is, and how you can hire them. 

What is Salesforce

Before jumping onto hiring salesforce developers, let’s have a look at what Salesforce is. Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. This platform is majorly used to host groups of technologies that are supportive of other technologies. Moreover, this aids in building apps and software as well as creating and developing web pages. In the beginning, Salesforce started as a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider but they worked around it and now they are one of the largest software companies in the world. 

Salesforce has a variety of features and tools ranging from B2B marketing solutions to app analytics. This platform also benefits entrepreneurs in terms of data security and testing. 

What is a Salesforce Developer

Salesforce is itself an extremely wide and vast topic but it can help businesses flourish in a short period of time. The major responsibility of the Salesforce developer is to customize and manage the technological aspect of the company’s Salesforce server. Some of the specialized areas of Salesforce developers include: Search solutions basics 

– Data modeling, security, and management 

– Salesforce app customization 

– Lightning framework 

– Platform development 

– Developer console 

The Salesforce developers are expected to have several inbuilt skills and these skills need to be polished by learning through professional certifications. There is a huge need and demand for these developers in industries like healthcare, IT, marketing and advertising, etc. 

Salesforce developers are supposed to have knowledge about certain languages that help them to be great at their job. These languages are: 

– Apex 


– JavaScript 

– Visualforce 

Salesforce developers also analyze and evaluate the requirements of the customer so that they can further design and develop the application to meet their business needs. It’s their responsibility to smoothly integrate with third-party systems as well as identify business processes that are being followed at major departments. 

These are the things an employer demands and sees when they hire a Salesforce developer. This article will further talk about why entrepreneurs need to hire Salesforce developers. 

Key Reasons for Hiring Salesforce Developers

There are many reasons an employer needs to hire a Salesforce developer. The expertise that Salesforce developers possess is not in every other professional you hire so there are some major duties that require you to hire Salesforce developers. 

Building Apps in AppExchange

There is a need to have in-depth knowledge of all the developmental tools like Apex, Lightning platforms, and many more, and only a specialist in Salesforce development can have that. All this is required to create a customized app using Salesforce. For being able to make a full-fledged functional app, you need an expert in the platform’s programming language. The AppExchange Partner Program assists the developer to make the app from scratch for Salesforce integration. 

By hiring a Salesforce developer for this, the business managers can focus on other tasks of the company and delegate work easily to a specialist. 

Customization of Salesforce Functions and Features 

Salesforce is like a canvas that can be used to draft management solutions that are realistic and efficient. If you hire a Salesforce developer, it can save a lot of the employer’s time and effort by rearranging the components of this platform and make it even more intuitive. An entrepreneur can make things smooth and fast by customizing Salesforce by editing source code. 

Hire Salesforce developers for integrations and UI changes

Another major reason for hiring a Salesforce developer is that developers design custom solutions for entrepreneurs. These solutions can include customized computerized functions in a work setting, product-specific support, and other specific tasks. A developer is completely capable of utilizing the almost unlimited room for extending functionality in Salesforce. Developers are hired for adding new interfaces for customers, adding social media links, and modifying the workflows.  

Effective Use of Salesforce Features and Capabilities 

Lastly, Salesforce developers can achieve desired results by working around primary modules like Cloud Marketing, Sales Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and many more. Hiring Salesforce developers can help entrepreneurs optimize their technical resources and design solutions regarding business processes. 

How Velainn Helps You Hire Salesforce Developers 

Velainn works as your knight in shining armor. Looking at the situation the entire world is in, it has become hard to hire capable and flexible employees. This is where our team at Velainn comes into the picture. Velainn provides solutions for your hiring issues. Our company is providing digital solutions to help your business grow and if you are planning to hire Salesforce developers that can work for you remotely, then we will help you through the entire process. 

We provide Salesforce developers hiring services to help you with the development of the CRM platform and increase the outcome of your business. We provide you with a team that works remotely from Ukraine to cater to your needs of customizing plugins and integration, building apps in AppExchange, and a lot more. 

Our team has made the process of getting in touch with us very easy. You can simply contact us and tell us your requirements. According to your requirements, we will shortlist a Salesforce developer or a team and then you can interview them. If you are satisfied then we can move on to the hiring process and if not then we can filter and provide you with more candidates who are great at their job. 

Lastly, if everything goes well and you have found the perfect candidate to hire for salesforce development then this specialist will be working for you from Ukraine. 

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