Hire software developers from Ukraine

Hire software developers from Ukraine

In this article I’m going to tell you why you should choose software developers from Ukraine when you need to hire dedicated developers online. I have been working in this industry for more than 10 years (My LinkedIn profile), so I know pros and cons quite well.

Why Ukraine software developers market is so large?

There might be around 35 – 40 millions of people living in Ukraine.

In Ukraine we have very low average salaries among all the industries. It might be around 300 – 400 US dollars of average salary per month that people earn in different industries.

Though, when speaking about Internet Technologies and some other exporting industries, the picture differs dramatically. According to different respectful resources, a middle software developer from Kyiv earns something between $1800 – 2700 per month. In other cities the price may be less because the capital of Ukraine is the most expensive city to live. I live in Zaporizhia, in the south of Ukraine, and prices are not so huge as in Kyiv. Also include that most of developers are hired as entrepreneurs on the paper, it means they need to pay 5% taxes (or less), it’s not 40% – 60% as in The Netherlands or other high paying countries.

So, a young guy here doesn’t need to be a genius to understand, that become a software developer in Ukraine is a great privilege. That’s why more and more people become IT professionals.

Mentality of Ukrainian software developers

Most people in Ukraine (especially young population (20 – 40 years)) are having European moods and behaviour. Christians when speaking about religion and europeans when talking of values.

In Ukraine we have a geographical centre of Europe, by the way:)

Software companies and people are trying to establish long term partnerships with customers abroad. It happens because long term relationship is a fundament of growing and success.

Why you should hire software developers at Velainn?

With 10+ years of experience in the IT field, we know well the Ukrainian market of software developers. We have many connections and a system allowing to test professionals from different sides including Soft and professional skills.

Being a small company working in B2B area, we realise that we have to be fast and provide only skilled people for interview.

One of our main focuses are integrations and CRM developers: SalesForce, Active Campaign, Hubspot and other. Languages are varying and include Ruby on Rails, Python, C++ and other.

We build products together, so we strive to bring value to this tech world.

Our prices are very competitive with other companies and freelancers, because we look forward to long term cooperation rather than gain a one time profit.

It’s not just empty words, you can ask our long term client Ronald Kok who have visited us right before the pandemic. We have been building and maintaining a system in Ruby on Rails Analist is a platform where you can check actual information about stocks, bonds, ETF’s and other important things for investors.

Ronald manages our team directly and we’ve been working together since January, 2020.

Why we are different from other companies? It’s also because we are able to find different specialists to solve the current problems. For example, recently we found a great professional who helped Analist with sending bulk newsletters.

Final thoughts

We are living in the tech world, many things are being changed every day, though really good software developers will be a good value when you want to build something new or speed up your development process.

And also, the relationship is a core value, that’s why I’m as a founder at Velainn, is ready to invest into great long term relationship first of all.

Subscribe on our newsletters, feel free to contact me, I’ll be happy to speak about how we can achieve more together.

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