Hiring remote employees in other countries, pros and cons

hiring remote employees in other countries

When you run a business or sole proprietorship, one day you might think if hiring remote employees in other countries makes sense or not. Often people start considering this option because of a variety of reasons:

– local people are expensive;

– hiring local employees can cause many paper work and too much responsibilities;

– local taxes and overheads are high;

– your company has small or short term tasks that better suit freelancers or contractors model;

– it’s hard to find a reliable professional in your area or country to fulfill a desired position;

If you find yourself in a position of any of the above issues, you definitely should consider hiring remote people abroad.

Which companies are hiring remote employees in other countries?

There are already a bulk of companies and organisations that hire people in other countries. This number includes such giants like Nike, Adidas, Google, Amazon, Facebook and others. Usually companies decide to cut their costs, so that they can compete on prices with their rivals. Some of the companies have even full departments working for them remotely.

Most of the remote market is undertaken by internet industry. It’s because there are many services, companies and applications that allow people working remotely. Especially, during the world Covid pandemic, when people are forced to stay at home and work remotely with the help of internet connection.

When you develop your startup and require a full team or even when you need an extra pair of hands to match project deadlines, you can hire remote employees in other countries.

How you can start hiring remote employees in other countries

There are different ways to hire remote people abroad. I want to explain them the most common and easy ways we have today. Read about them below and think which is the most convenient for you.

1. Hiring remote employees directly through freelance websites like Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer and others.

2. Hire with the help of the abroad recruitment firms.

3. Hire with the help of abroad Partner – Digital Solutions Company.

Now let’s dive into details.

hire people remote

1. Hiring freelancers through freelance platforms


– With the help of freelance platforms you can create your profile, and start browsing potential candidates;

– Usually these platforms provide freelancer’s profiles, so you can check their freelance journey, as well as the reviews of previous customers;

– ability to choose between fixed price and hourly price models.

Freelance platform might work good, although it has several cons:

– freelancer can decide to not work for you and cancel the project. And there are quite small amount of ways that you can do against it;

– usually freelancer are willing to have extra work or part time work only, they look rather for several project than working for a single company;

– it’s easy to create a freelancer profile, create false portfolio and skills, and verify it, so not all the people are really as good as they painted;

– sometimes companies and freelancers are working from other people’s profiles, sometimes people even sell their profiles to other people, though it’s illegal. It means, you can think that one person is working, but in reality another person is developing your project;

– Freelance platforms are taking quite much fees. For instance, Upwork starts from 20% from the hourly rate, and they charge 3% more for each transaction;

– If you choose hourly job, you will have to pay weekly according to Upwork’s rules

2. Hiring remote employees in other countries through recruitment firms

Recruitment firms might be a good choice when you think of hiring people abroad. Though, they have to know your market well and how employees are working.


– The firms usually charge one time yearly fee for the professional, for instance 15% from his annual salary, it might good or not, each business decides in their specific case;

– you will not have to work on recruiting, the firms will provide a candidate for their own;


– usually these companies don’t know specific area where their customers work, it means they may not pay attention on some important skills, that candidates must have;

– sometimes 15% can by quite costly, and also most companies also have extra fees;

– this company can’t help you with building teams and processes, and don’t know what you really need;

– usually these companies have strict agreements, so if you decide to fire an employee, you will have additional paper work and problems, because you signed an agreement for a concrete period of time with recruiters;

– they usually look for full-time only or only for local companies;

3. Hiring employees and teams through Digital Solution Company Velainn

At Velainn we hire remote employees and even build teams for companies and startups worldwide. We use our knowledge and connections in digital world to hire reliable professionals from Ukraine.

Hiring remote employees is fun

So what are the cons?

– you will ensure to interview only with candidates, that already were interviewed by us;

– you will have an option to check the CV / Resume first before deciding who is the best option for your business;

– no strict contracts, you can stop working with freelancer when you want;

– we have contracts with local employees to ensure, that they will not disappear as freelancers do sometimes;

– more than 10 years of knowledge and experience in IT field;

– transparent and easy working process;

– ability to grow your team with us, we can also help you find people who can manage your team of software developers, designers and other professionals;

– we can tell us what you want to create, and we can suggest you skills & experience that people must have in order to complete your project successfully;

– usually our customers save time and between 40% – 60% of cost comparing with hiring local costly employees, paying local taxes etc.


– we might not be a good choice for people who want super low cost employees, like developers for $5 per hour. Then it’s better to check freelance platforms on your own risk.

– the niche we specialise in is IT field, like e-commerce, software building, mobile apps etc. We don’t work and hire for offline companies.


Think what works best in your own case. I am happy to speak with you if you have any questions. Feel free to contact through website or any other source

Anton Tverdokhlib

Founder at Velainn

Email: anton@velainn.com

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