How digital growth agency can help small business?

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Digital growth agency might sound a bit blurry, so in this article we will try to explain it’s activities in more details.

Usually the digital growth agency means a company, that strives to grow businesses through digital marketing and providing other digital solutions. Other words, the main goal is growing value of a business through digital enablement and improvement.

At Velainn we have delivered websites with no marketing solutions in the past, though we have found that sometimes these websites are not used in the way to grow businesses, so some business owners feel unhappy and exhausted, because they spent much time in investing into their business.

So, we decided not only to pay attention to a part of the promotion – creating a website tool for small businesses, but also shed a light on a big picture – increasing value of small businesses via providing a set of solutions like following.

What a digital growth agency can do do for your business?

There are different digital services a digital growth agency may propose to it’s customers. At Velainn we grow our own projects as well as our customer’s businesses, that’s why we know what to propose and what does matter when increasing brand’s awareness and attract visitors to convert to customers.

The main web presence points of successful growth strategy for most small businesses are:Website design

1. Content strategy

2. Marketing Automations

3. Promotion

4. Conversion rate optimization

5. Let’s talk in details about these points.

Website design

Website is must have for each business, that wants to grow in value. Some e-commerce entrepreneurs might think, that in some cases it’s enough to have Instagram account or something like that, though it’s impossible to achieve a sufficient increase in value when you don’t have your own website, and quite hard to analyse your audience without having a website.

Another point, is that website is a tool, that’s yours, and not a part of any SaaS platform (excluding Shopify, Tilda websites etc.). At Velainn, most of our websites are built in WordPress. Why WordPress? Because this platform is easy to use for small businesses, well recognised by search engines, it has a plenty of pre-built functionality and the website built on WordPress is owned by you including all the files, database, plugins and so on.

But it’s not the only one, we also use other platforms, like Ruby on Rails to build websites, btw recently we’ve completed the development of Fondsinfo in RoR for our customer from The Netherlands.

Content Strategy

It’s the king of promotion. While the content strategy might be quite long term, it does matter so much if you want to establish a strong small business.

Firstly, after understanding your audience, creating buyer personas, it’s time to consider different keywords around which your long term content strategy will be conducted.

There are many softwares, that can be used to look for keywords, though there is a single one, that we love the most, it’s Long Tail Pro. With the help of this software, we check the number of competitors at your niche, as well as how many times your keywords are typed in Search Engines, i.e. if people are really looking for the service & products, that you strive to promote at your website.

There are many requirements to creating a valuable content excluding keywords planning. Following the approach, that a professional digital growth agency can share will allow people find your website organically in the internet. The more people can find your small business organically, the more people interested in the topic will visit your website, absolutely for free! That’s why the content is a king in the overwhelmed and crowded Digital world!

Marketing automations created by digital growth agency

Another important part of running a successful small business is using marketing automations created by professional marketers.


Most of our customers, are small businesses with 1 – 10 people in staff, and being a small business owner, I understand importance of using automations, that allow cover many day-to-day operations automatically. This automations may include: creating and scheduling email campaigns sent to your leads and customers;

– capturing emails from people interested to receive notifications about your company’s new products, services or news

– re-marketing is a type of marketing automation which allows to set up reminders for people visited your specific page, product or service to get back to your website again;

– abandoned checkout is a part of re-marketing for e-commerce stores, allowing people creating ads in Google and Social platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, to pursue people who put items in the cart without making a purchase, and left the website for any reason.

– scheduling posts to social networks from one place, so that you don’t need to post it everyday;

– custom automation logic created specifically for a concrete business, it can be long tail queue of connections and relations based on your business type and target audience.

This is not a full list of automations, that will make life of a small business owners much easier.

Velainn as a digital growth agency suggests to think of creating automations for your small business. Once created, it can be used for a long time, thus your efforts will be rewarded without repeating each operations every day, or even without hiring an extra staff!


Promotion is an essential part of your small business digital growth.

I like the most how simply Hubspot divided the customer journey into 3 stages, each small business owner can have in mind:

1. Awareness – when people realise, that they have a problem (your product or service can solve);

2. Consideration – people look for solutions and options to resolve they problem;

3. Decision – people choose the solution and buy a product or service.

Depending on where each segments of your target audience are existing in their customer journey, Velainn can suggest and choose the promotion methods to use in your specific case. It can be digital ads in Google or Facebook&Instagram, landing pages, postcards sent to their physical addresses and other resources aimed to either to increase awareness of your brand, your product and convert them into customers.

Conversion rate optimization

People’s behaviour and needs are ever evolving, and the only chance to understand them is analyzing reports of your campaigns. Every promotion campaign, as well as marketing automations require improvement to achieve the best return of investment – ROI.

I’ve participated in some Digital Marketing courses, and found some of them so confused and overcomplicated. There are many softwares in which you have to dig to forge your brand and grow it up. That’s because some of them are created for digital marketers who desire to be a part of big marketing teams in large companies as Facebook, Walmart, Amazon and so on.

Digital Growth with Velainn

While of course, understanding Digital Marketing is a must to achieve great results, it is not necessary to dive deeply into a single soft. At Velainn I’m as a founder set a goal to show people plain reports with simple suggestions to optimize main parts of the most necessary metrics such as click through rates, conversion rates and so on. Small business owners simple don’t need complex reports, though sometimes marketers provide it, maybe because they want to emphasize their “professionalism” in this field.

Digital growth agency recap

I hope after reading this article you will increase your awareness how to choose a digital growth agency partner for your business. Feel free to use some of the advices I provided yourself, if you have time and desire to work on it, and some more complex part should be delegated to a reliable company.

Now you know 5 points of successful growth strategy for most small businesses. Thank you for reading!

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