In what way a website can level up your Instagram marketplace

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Have you ever think of selling via Instagram marketplace or a website? Today we are looking for the ideas of best selling offers on the webspace and decide in what way your personal website can level up social media marketplace. If you are looking for them too, let’s join our small talk.

Facebook, Instagram, Amazon…what`s next?

One day you made a decision to create something for earning money. It was a great idea, and the easiest way to sell everything you make is using social media like Instagram marketplace. So, you’ve made a page of your product, made its photos, found out how to describe it, added all your friends to the subscriber list.

Of course, your friends, friends of your friends gave you a chance to start. Possibly they bought some part of your product, you felt excited. However, it was only a one-time event. Ok, you paid some money for ads on Instagram and it also helped you to spread the number of your potential buyers.

The next step is hiring a programmer, a web designer in order to make your page more serious, more special, more catchy. And, it works well…for some time. You decided to create a Facebook page, it can give you new buyers, new people interested in your products. But is it ok to bet only on the social media marketplace? Definitely, yes, in some cases it is absolutely enough, the only moment if you really want more…

Instagram marketplace profit vs website profit

Let’s turn on the imagination once again. You are cooking a home-made jam. Yeah, that`s fantastic, something unique, tastier than in a supermarket, the product with a soul. Your first business steps were made in your own kitchen: small jars, limited kilos of berries, help of your mother. And people liked it. They saw your Instagram page, they ordered, they tasted. It was fantastic. They earned more for their parents, friends, for wintertime and you slowly moved from your kitchen to your own culinary workshop. You came through all the business steps on Instagram mentioned before. You need more but what`s next?

Till this moment, Instagram, Facebook, or Amazon gave you some marketplace at their territory to work, to create. But now you feel it`s time to create your own, personal market place, for your product only.

Could it be scary? We think yes. If a person didn’t spend money (or spent a little money) for updates and ads on Instagram, it will be curious why should he spend money on something new, like a website.

Whose buyer is the best?

So, whose buyer is the best for you, Instagram, or website? The buyer is a very important person for each seller in the world. You are no exception. He follows your Instagram page, chooses a jar of strawberry jam, checks the price, and needs to contact you in a direct message. So, he writes you his desire. At this moment, he can forget the name of the jam and its price, he has to return to the main page and recheck. It`s time and Your money. At this moment you are driving your car, see the message but can`t answer. The potential buyer is waiting. Till he is waiting, he starts searching other delicious pages and when you finally answered him, he`s already ordered some jam and snacks on another page. So, using a social media page, a potential buyer has to contact the support manager, has no time to think or to delete the product from the shopping cart, needs to wait for the response.

Using the website, the potential buyer of your jam can follow your website any time, choose any jars, change his mind, go out from the website, return and order several jars of your jam for himself and his mom.

Payment process in Instagram Marketplace vs Website

Selling your jam via Instagram marketplace has no restrictions in choosing the payment method. People can pay by cash, with a credit card (send you the confirmation screenshot), PayPal, etc. However, someone can send money to another credit card by mistake. Someone can`t pay immediately, he`s waiting for the salary or other transaction. Each of these moments might be a reason people refuse to buy. It`s too long, it`s too risky.

The usage of a website makes you feel independent. You can add the payment methods most popular in your country or the most convenient for you and your regular customers. I don’t need to ask numerous questions chatting with support, I choose the preferred method, click it..hmmm, some problems with my credit card, no problem, I’ll try once again using another one. Now it`s successful.

How old is your buyer?

Comparing social media and website, we should notice that not all people in the world signed up in Instagram or Facebook, some people follow the rules of personal privacy and don’t want to share the world their photos, their desires, and their shopping life. So, they are unable to go through your Instagram page without registration. You lose them.  And what about the website? I search for Jam and see your page, order some jam and become your best admirer. The personal website may help you to increase the number of visitors and potential buyers. Also, your website will be available for people of any age My granny can search the info, however, she doesn`t need an Instagram page.  If I send her the link to your jam website, she`ll definitely buy it to check whose jam is better).

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