Motivating remote employees

Motivating and engaging remote employees weren’t taken so seriously as it is now. Range of factors have influenced our attitude to work process. Thus, the motivating remote employees idea is up-to-date and moreover, in some cases it’s significantly important for the prosperity of your company.

So, in what way can we change our attitude to the World of remote employees and what is the key to the better work, engaging and professional growth of your remote IT team. Let’s find the answer together.

No lack of motivating remote employees

This moment our life has changed forever. It’s your isolation not only from entertainment but from your office. Who would say we gonna miss this every day routine: waking up in the morning, struggling in traffic jam, drinking cups of coffee and so on. However, now we are sitting in our living rooms with our children and dogs, no morning routing except getting up from bed and turning on your PC. Yeah, that’s the reality. But, we are still workers, a lot of stuff to do and lack of motivation.

Agree, all this chaos mix of people, coffee, noise, music, boss. All this stuff made us motivated and tired. But first, motivated. And now you are in silence, in your cozy chair with a cup of herbal tea, but how to make yourself feel this enthusiasm. And moreover, how to motivate your team in different houses, cities and countries.

One of the significant points for motivating remote employees is a flexible work schedule. Once you offer your employees to choose time of their highest activity, it will work immediately. Each of us has the best time for work. For you it’s morning and for me it’s a deep night. So, choose and use.

Work responsibly

Remote employees need to feel their value for a team and a company they work for. You can say them Good job! every day. And it’s rather a good option. Speaking of motivation, we suggest to engage remote employees in project updates, chat with clients and possibility to recommend the ways of improving work process. Broadly speaking, give your remote employees a responsibility. Make them work responsibly and you’ll see the result.

Motivating by trust

As the number of billionaires in the World is growing due to tech progress, most of people are afraid of loosing their job and income. That’s the idea you can use for motivating remote employees too. Professional relationships based on respect and trust is the most unique and important thing for all of us, especially while we are separated from our work physically but not mentally.

We suggest you to organise some kind of business meeting every Thursday and make it friendly, with a cup of coffee or juice. Ask everybody in your team to turn on their cameras and tell them something funny. We are people and we want to feel support, especially in hard times. Discussing work issues pay attention on benefits of your team work. As for true, some employees could do their job not really well and you can discuss it face to face. Nobody wants to be ashamed online.

Team goal

Can a team of remote employees have a goal and achieve it? Surely, yes. And how we can be sure, your team people are connected and fully on the same page? We consider it will be efficient to do some team chats where employees may discuss some issue really fast and go on doing their work.

Also, they should have a goal. For instance, it could be a reward for the team. In case you haven’t watched Netflix Show 100 humans, they have a really cool experiment with 2 teams of people. They had to gather a wooden castle. One team was motivated by money reward and the other team did it just for fun. So, the results are obvious. The first team won and got their money reward. Even scientists have a great explanation to this. We are really motivated by the prize and our brain became work really fast and concentration rises to the highest level. By the way, 100 humans show explores people’s behaviour in a group and it could be curious for your motivating remote employees experiment.

Healthy motivation means healthy team

Health is one of the most popular words in Google request recently. No need to say why. That’s why we found out that the question of well-being is an ideal motivating remote employees. You can help to support health of your team.

Firstly, hire an online coach and make it a necessary habit for all your employees to do some exercises twice a week. They are lazy, we know, but after their bodies change for better, they will be thankful to you.

Install a special application for the whole team for drinking water reminder. It’s simple and not new but it’s a good step to a healthy life.

And the last but worthy idea is to buy a certificate for each of your employees in online shop of vitamins and healthy food. They can choose vitamins and food according to the recommendations of their doctor and be healthy, of course.

Remote employees wanna have fun

One of the best ways to keep remote employees motivated is fun. Yeah, fun. Good mood is perfect for health and for work completing too. Create online parties for your employees on Friday night. Your team is all around the World? It’s Internet time, for a good party a high speed Internet required. That’s it.

For a party to remember send all your workers a box with necessary staff. It’s like a party box which included some drinks, non-sugar sweets, funny glasses, snacks like nuts (make sure nobody has an allergy) or fruit and a playlist to be ready to dance. We are absolutely sure, your remote employees will be satisfied with small presents and it will be curious for them to get known what’s the online party mean. And online party is just a new fashion in modern world. We should try it all.

Fun is not only for motivating an employee like a professional, it also leads to team building. People with common goals can do anything, even impossible things. For extra ideas concerning team building, follow here We have genius solutions for you and your corporate family.

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