Outsourced Software Development

Outsourced Software Development

The way tech companies hire their resources has changed significantly during the last decade or so and outsourced software development has become even more popular during the pandemic era. Outsourcing is considered a viable source of cutting costs and using time more efficiently. To develop their products, individuals and entrepreneurs are using software outsourcing. 

This is how software outsourcing development takes place but this is just the beginning so let’s take a look at outsourced software development in detail. 

What is Outsourced Software Development?

Outsourced software development is a kind of Business Process Outsource (BPO) arrangement. In this arrangement, a company or business hires an external resource like a software development agency to do all the tasks of a software development project. The business itself is not responsible for doing any of the work related to software development or any tasks related to it.

This is a practice that companies adopt by handing over a process or project of their company to an external source. The third-party vendor is a capable and qualified resource that can be trusted to handle the required software development tasks. 

Outsourced software development is increasingly becoming popular among entrepreneurs and startups. They are using outsourced software development for their projects due to its many benefits that overall impact the business positively. Some of the benefits of outsourced software development are: Accessing global expertise

– Faster turnaround 

– Flexibility 

– Complementing existing infrastructure 

– Reducing costs

– Able to meet responsibilities 

– Reduced risks

As we look at some of the benefits, we need to take a look at some of the disadvantages that you may face while opting for this practice.  Collaboration issues 

– Decreased code quality 

– Public perception of outsourcing jobs 

– Intellectual Property theft 

– Loss of control 

– Data privacy issues 

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of practicing outsourced software development. 

Key Reasons For Using Outsourced Software Development 

Once you have enough knowledge about outsourced software development, you need to look at the reasons for practicing this technique and when you might need this. There are few major situations where it’s probably a good idea to opt for this method. 

Lower Onboarding Costs 

The first reason is very clear and obvious. Bringing in a new employee comes with its complications and technicalities. Hiring a new employee can increase your expenses because of the recruitment costs and other mandatory payments such as insurance premiums, office space, etc. Simply employing a specific company or individual for just this job can decrease the overall costs because they will be responsible for that job only. 

Moreover, outsourcing ensures that the individual or the company already has specialist knowledge and expertise on the task at hand. This will reduce the time taken to train them which will result in lowering onboarding costs. 

Outsourced Software Development from anywhere

Knowledgeable on the Subject 

When you hire a resource by outsourcing your software development, you are essentially getting a subject matter expert (SME). These resources are highly skilled in their specific languages, development environments, integrations, and libraries. Having an SME on board, that too at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee can supercharge your development initiatives.

Having an outside opinion is also important when it comes to your software and the tasks related to it. Outsourced software development will help the company have external personnel give an unbiased view of the project. They can figure out complexities that were missed or not taken into consideration at the start by the company itself. 

Moreover, fresh ideas can also help to make the entire process better. These specialists can give more benefits to the company than the existing employees of the company. 

Prioritizing Tasks 

Sometimes small tasks can take a lot of your time and this prevents you from focusing on bigger and more important tasks. If you are in a situation where you are unable to divide time and prioritize your work then outsourcing could be the best option.

Outsourced software development can help you find people and teams who can do every type of task related to software development. This will give you ample time to focus on other higher-priority tasks of your business.

Ways of Outsourcing Software Development 

Outsourced software development has two primary models. There are certain models that companies use to opt for this practice. 

Offshore Software Outsourcing 

This means working with external development teams in other countries. The low labor cost and working online make this approach a cost-effective model.  This makes the management of software development projects more economically viable. 

Onshore Software Outsourcing

In this model of software outsourcing, the external third party is located in the same country as the business itself. The major advantage of practicing this model of outsourcing is that there is no language barrier and no communication issues. The outsourcing process becomes more effective but in return, it can increase the overall outsourcing costs as the resource hired might be more expensive. 

Velainn’s Outsourced Software Development Service

Remote software developers at Velainn

Velainn provides a competitively priced and highly specialised outsourced software development service. We help you hire the most qualified software developers from Ukraine. We make a remote team in Ukraine and help you focus on growing your business while taking care of all your needs like recruiting, building teams, HR, and many other things.

Our team is not working mainly as an outsourcing company as we aim to build a connection with our customers by providing them tailormade outsourced software development services. There are some steps that can make your entire process of outsourcing software developers from Ukraine smooth and easy with Velainn.

The steps include: 

1. Contact us and describe the kind of professional skills you require in your outsourced labor. 

2. We will provide you with at least one or two CV of a remote developer within the first 24 hours and then you can review it yourself. 

3. After reviewing the CV of a prospective candidate, you can move forward by conducting their interview. 

4. Lastly, if everything goes well then you can hire that resource for the job that you have through Velainn. 

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