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Our goal is long term relationship with our clients. So, we strive to serve and provide a true and professional service, so that our clients are happy at each stage of their journey.We have been moving forward together, and Velainn company appreciates all the partnerships and people who work with us.

Marketing Strategy, HubSpot setup and other HubSpot-related tasks


Praisidio is a great B2B start-up allowing companies decrease employees attrition. At Velainn we have setup HubSpot for Praisidio, consulted with Marketing Strategy and did various HubSpot-related tasks.

Marketing Strategy, Hubspot Setup and HubSpot Inbound Marketing


Wintellisys is a Gold Microsoft Service Provider. For Wintellisys we created a Marketing Strategy including Sales funnels, Landing Pages, SEO, and other things. All was done in HubSpot that helped move company to the higher level.

Web development, maintenance and Hubspot Digital Marketing


Analist is the largest investment platform in the Benelux. There you will find exclusive research on stocks, options and ETFs. The stock spectrum covers all listed stocks in the US and Europe. In addition, Analist also offers many stock exchanges from South America, Africa and Asia.

Together with Analist we work on website administration and maintenance, Hubspot Digital Marketing, and more. Analist.nl is using a Subscription based model, and we're developing a Marketing Strategy to attract, convert and delight visitors.

Analist SaaS Marketing
Hubspot Digital Marketing and Web Design, SaaS

Easy Books

Easy Books is a bookkeeping app built for small businesses. With the help of the app business owners and accountants can save much time on paper work

We've been working together on Digital Marketing including Email campaigns, Workflows, Forms, Landing Pages and other things that help this great SaaS app succeed.

Web design, maintenance and SEO

Mark Swain

Mark Swain is a business advisor and sales process specialist with over 25 years strategic sales experience at executive level with companies such as American Express, ANZ Bank and Ingram Micro.

Together with Mark we've designed and launched a new website, maintain it and provide SEO and some other DIgital marketing service.

mark swain website
Data-Driven Web Design, Hubspot Integration, SaaS


Zerocode is a SaaS company providing declarative, end-to-end test automation software for Quality Assurance teams. they deliver out-of-the-box tools that empower organisations to rapidly deploy increasingly defect-free products and services. We've designed a website, integrated and set up Hubspot there, and more.

zerocode project

Scaling B2B Companies using HubSpot

HubSpot Partner

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