Zerocode is dedicated to helping users deliver increasingly defect-free products and service. Their goal is to provide a simple, one-stop testing tool that developers and engineers can quickly learn and businesses can quickly understand.

Goal: Create a eCommerce website where people will be able to install Zerocode Samurai soft and choose&pay for subscriptions according to their needs.

Solution: We’ve decided to use WordPress and WooCommerce, and also a plugin WooCommerce Subscriptions to let people subscribe easily.

First of all, we’ve agreed on the Website map and structure, and then started designing the website. The customer had provided their Logo and Branding, and everything in design should have been played around the hexagon.

After creating the design, we’ve converted it into the responsive layout and make sure everything is working well in all the commonly used browsers and OS.

We’ve created ability to add custom subscription packages and set up possibility to downgrade/upgrade the products inside these packages.

Users are able to choose between year/monthly subscription right on plans and check the price changes.

We’ve implemented Registration functionality as well as Personal Account where users are able to check all the personal information, as well as information about packages, adjust payment options etc.

Also there is a blog page with ability to add articles by the administrator.

So, to resume, now our customers have a great tool where they explain their business value and provide their clients with ability to buy soft and subscribe.