Reasons to hire a remote junior software developer

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Sometimes a company may decide to hire a remote junior software developer and in this article I will explain the possible reasons. At first glance, it might look like a company just wants to hire a cheaper developer, but it’s not so as it painted.

Moreover, I don’t recommend to hire junior developers if a reason is a limited budget. You will lose time and money because of this mistake. It’s better to hire middle & senior developer for a shorter period of time, for instance, part time instead of full-time. In this case, your project or task will be most likely completed successfully. And usually more experienced software developers work faster to accomplish tasks. So, your budget will be saved for other tasks and investments.

Reasons to hire a remote junior software developer

Now let’s dive into the reasons to understand when it makes sense to hire a remote junior software developer.

1. Addition to your team

When you are building a product, and you already have a team including Senior Software developer who can handle creating the software architecture, and you need an extra pair of hands to do simple tasks, hiring a remote junior software developer is a good choice.

Junior developers require a guidance from their more experienced colleagues. Thus, a hiring company will get a motivated person who is speeding up the development process. On the other hand, more experienced devs in your team will have more time for complex tasks and other important things.

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I also want to note, that Junior software developers are not beginners with almost 0 skills. These people already have to have minimum development knowledge. Usually Junior Software developers are having skills in development and know quite much about their stack, no matter if it’s Java, Python or Ruby on Rails. But they have not resolved many complex tasks and have a little experience in commercial projects. So don’t forget to ask a company or a freelancer to provide full information about them including previous projects, roles in these projects, technology stack and customer review if they have any.

2. Your project doesn’t require high development skills

Usually software development require high-level developers on the board, though sometimes you might have a very basic project where remote junior software developer is a good fit. Even in this case, I would suggest to check if it’s really a basic project with professionals. I know many cases when customers think it’s quite straight forward, though at the backend a project must be planned and developed my at least middle software developer.

A good example is when a digital agency has multiple projects, and they just look for a separate person who can handle a simple project without guidance of high level software developers. In this case it makes sense to find a remote junior software developer to complete this project according to existing requirements.

Another case is a startup, for instance a basic local delivery service, that doesn’t require high skills to maintain the application at back-end side on day-to-day basis.

3. You intend to grow a remote junior software developer as a loyal employee

As in other areas, like football, when a company finds a brilliant engineer that requires cladding, and they have time and patience to educate a developer, this company should hire a junior software developer.

You know, that people who just begin their journey and have no (or a little) experience in working in other companies than yours, can be your most loyal employees. As once said, “Loyal employees are assets, not liabilities.”

You have ab ability to mod remote junior developers into what you wants them to be in your company. These people will rarely go against your approach and rules because they simply have less knowledge or comparisons, and usually these persons are more grateful to employers for hiring them.

In this case a company invests into their education and have long term agreements protecting them from losing people. Of course, it’s common that people are changing one company to another, but it’s also common that a company wants to protect themselves as much as they can.

4. Remote junior software developer VS in-house

Hiring a software engineer is a very responsive decision. And sometimes people at interviews are better that they are in reality:) (It can also refer to employers, though). So when hiring in-house, you will have to prepare many documents, annoying paper work and much energy of your recruiters.

I think, it’s better to try with a remote software engineer because in this case you can rely on your partners, like my company Velainn. You can also check 7 reasons why you should hire software developers with Velainn for more information.

Nowadays, pandemic period shows the importance of ability to work from home and remotely. And the recent study shows that the results are as good as at the office!

If a remote developer is a good fit, you can continue working with them forever and enjoy building products together. At Velainn we also can build a team under one roof in Ukraine, if you want your remote engineers work under a single roof. Not he other hand, If you find that a developer is not a good fit, you can simply stop cooperation immediately without hassle!


You shouldn’t hire a remote junior software developer if your only goal is saving money, it will not save your money!

You SHOULD hire junior dev when:

1. You need an extra pair of hands as an addition to your team;

2. You have a basic project & product, that doesn’t require high skills;

3. You want to grow a loyal employee and have resources to invest into education

4. You want to hire easily a remote developer instead of hiring in-house.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading the article!

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