Team building for remote employees

Team building

Team building is always a good idea for better productivity in a company. In 2021 we’re facing the idea of team building for remote employees.

But be honest, remote team building is difficult to cultivate. However, sometimes we have no other ideas except looking for new ways of communication, understanding and entertaining our team members. We have some ideas. Let’s check them together!

Morning routine team building

Everybody knows this feeling in the morning. The only thing we need is sleeping more. Obviously, working remotely has a significant benefit. The only move is turning on our laptop and then wake up. For bonding in a team there is a pretty ritual connected with the morning routine.

We call it Virtual Cafe. Suggest your team members to start their working day with their coworkers drinking a cup of cappuccino or green tea or orange juice. No matter what liquid will be in their hands but it should be something energetic to share a new day with. Video calls are necessary in this case.

Additionally, it’s high time to make a competition for the best and original cup (or mug) you see. Thus, this type of team building for remote employees makes people feel more connected and motivated toward a common goal.

Team building must be healthy

According to Stress Statistics 2020 nearly 1 in 5 American adults say that their mental health has declined since last year. And we have no doubts in that fact. That’s the reason each team building for remote employees must be leaded to increasing the level of their happiness and well-being. Thanksfully, 2020 showed us that we can do everything at home: work, relax, do sport, study and so on. Our suggestion is yoga time before lunch. We realise not all coworkers would be happy, and you can suggest them boxing online or just meditation with their gadgets turned off.

Gift exchange for remote employees

Stay at home made us forget about celebrations, going out with friends, birthday parties, etc. gift exchange team building would be really kind and respectful for each member of your team. But don’t wait for somebody’s birthday. Make each Friday a Blonde day, Funny guy day, a Pretty woman day and any day which is connected with skills and appearance of your coworkers. Send your coworkers small gifts with delivery and you’ll see all blondies in your team will work better after getting their gifts on a Blonde day.

Bring your pet to work day

Surely, most of your team members have pets. And that’s perfect. We offer you to start tomorrow working day with their pets behind. and no worries if somebody doesn’t have the one. Turn on the video stream and these cute fluffy faces will make happy the whole team.

By the way, kids are also a great way to happiness. Each parent will be proud to make his/her kid meet with coworkers. Also, your kids will be curious to know people you work with and what you finally do on computer all day long, Daddy?)

Vacation time

Due to the reasons we all know, not all your coworkers will go for vacation this Summer. However, what is the best thing in vacation time? Sea? Beach? Maybe drinks? Oh, yeah. our next idea for team building for remote employees is to make beverages, wear swim suits and caps and work. It’ll definitely remind them of good times which will definitely come back soon. Undoubtedly!

Movie time in team building for remote employees

It’s sooo good to watch a good comedy with friends eating pop corn, drinking some beverage. But there are no new comedies and the cinema is closed…Stop! We have an idea. Start a video call for your team and stream a movie. Everybody will have comments, impressions, ideas after its watching. they can discuss it online. People with the same points of view will definitely find out a better bond and build a trust.

Finally, we hope our team building for remote employees will inspire you. The online world gives us not only work but the whole life now. However, we believe that soon you’ll be looking for team building outside and we have something to say.

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