Types of business websites

Website types

In this article we’ll try to describe different types of business websites you can create.

It is always difficult to start something. Today, when the World is directly locked, creating the website is not only an additional feature to the business running but a necessity.  You surf the Internet and realize that now we have a numerous types of business websites. So, which one you should choose? Let’s decide together.

4 Types of business websites

We have distinguished 4 types of business websites that might be interesting for you.

Educational websites

You are a teacher, a tutor, a coach and you try to teach and help your students online. The best website type for you, possibly, is an educational one. Here you can not only be in contact with your current students but post your schedule for the new ones. The educational website allows you to download all the impossible information, books, sheets, audio, etc. to your website and save them there. So, your own educational website is a possibility to find out new students, to share your knowledge with more people all over the world and earn money, of course.

E-commerce websites

However, speaking of teachers and tutors, e-commerce websites are also great for you. E-commerce websites give you all the necessary to sell your service. There are no additional questions about payment methods, they could be easily added to your e-commerce website. Also, the feature of online chat is available, so it helps you to be in touch 24 hours a day.

Ecommerce website is another type of business websites
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And if you sell shoes or clothes or hand-made jewelry, e-commerce is also perfect for you. Just sell, deliver, and get your profit using this type of website.

Entertainment websites

If we try to imagine the goal we are surfing the Internet in the evening after doing all the planned work, most of us respond to Entertainment. Of course, we are looking for some fun using websites or social networks and that`s the reality (especially while quarantine times). You are the person, who has a number of funny jokes, do pretty videos with animals or just know a lot of interesting facts?  So, it`s time to show this fun to the World by creating your own Entertainment website.  And if you ask whether how can I earn some money using this type of website, we have an answer.   Such types of websites make money through the advertisements that show up on their pages. Some of the entertainment websites are definitely in your bookmarks   list, like Buzzfeed( https://www.buzzfeed.com/)

Personal Websites

You want to share the world with your thoughts? So you can do it via your own personal website. It could be like a blog or vlog. And the great news is that such a personal website may be your way of making money(with adding advertising posts, links, etc.).

4 Types of business websites resume:

We have studied a few business website types:

  1. Educational
  2. Ecommerce
  3. Entertainment
  4. Personal

Which of the appeals to you the most?

Whatever type of website you choose, you should think through what exactly you want from it. The clearest you see your future website, the better it will be made with a team of IT professionals.


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