Website must haves today

The most popular question our clients asked is “What are website must haves today?”.

Of course, it’s quite hard to find a single right answer. Our response would vary based on types of businesses, as each of our clients is special and each of them is looking for something unique, aligned with their brand. So, let’s try to figure out this issue together.

Homepage is first from website must haves

Though, there are several tips, which are important and general for every business website must haves. Let’s start from the very start:) We mean from the homepage. Yeah, there will be no website without it, right? Keep in mind this page is not about you, it’s about your customers and what you can do for them.

You can check Velainn’s Homepage by clicking on this link.

You could also check one of our projects – e-commerce store Cloth Buddies It also has a Homepage, where we listed products that visitors can see after visiting the website.

Btw, you know that a conventional wisdom says, that homepage is great when people realise what is your website about and what value it brings… in just 2 seconds. Yes, so try to be informative from the beginning, until people not close this page.

Mobile friendly design

The recent study shows that more than 70% of websites are visited by mobile devices today. And it’s not a secret that this percentage will increase next years.

It means that if your website doesn’t have a mobile version, you will lose more than a half of potential customers.

Well, honestly, your current customers will not be happy too. So, when planning your website development, think of responsive (mobile version) website, that looks good in smartphones and tablets as one of main website must haves.

Mobile design is one of website must haves

Without a doubt, this investment will be compensated handsomely.

Contact Form

Your must allow your visitors contacting you in the most convenient way. Still, website must haves include a contact form that can be customised per your needs.

You can decide to have one contact form or several across your website.

Currently at Velainn we are using 4 types of forms: 1 modal Sign Up form, 1 Opt-in Form in the Blog, and simple contact forms in Contact Us page and Services page.

Thus visitors will be able to contact us through the form they choose or Sign Up to our newsletters if they are interested in our content.

You may include Call to Action button and social media accounts too.

Content reflecting your mission

One of the most popular and creative pages is a Blog. In case the Blog content is based on careful SEO strategy and updated regularly, the search engines will love it, be sure.

When writing helpful content, you have to know who is your customer and it would be great to create buyer’s personas. All this information you can find at Hubspot, a king of Inbound Marketing. Btw, you can also find a great free Sales CRM and cool Marketing Hub that will bring a significant value to your business.

Write articles weekly, interact with your customers and visitors, nurture them and your small business will grow up.


About us is an important part of website, because people want to talk to people. People want to know personal stories and who they speak with. Try to be open-minded and tell your personal story.

That’s I think About page is staying among other website must haves. You can read my story at Velainn’s About page

Website must haves resume

Primarily, what do you need at your website?

  1. Homepage
  2. Mobile friendly design
  3. Contact form
  4. Useful content
  5. About

At Velainn we can consult you and create an attractive website based on your needs. Feel free to drop us a line via contact form or any other convenient method.

Have a good and productive day!

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