Wellness trends in 2020

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Due to the situation with Coronavirus this year, most people in the world have paid deep attention to wellness trends. And we are looking for trends concerning our health statement using websites and applications. Wellness trends also mean the high growth of website development and the influence of technologies which may help you to control your health and various health statements even faster than a hospital worker can. So, let`s clear up what exactly we can offer the world of wellness trends with just creating a website.

Barcodes power

According to statistics based on Facebook IQ («The 2019 Topics and trends report from Facebook IQ»), France and  Australia are countries with great interest in detecting ingredients, antioxidants, and pollutants in products. How can you get access to all the necessary info about your snack or drink? Well, it is easy today. Websites based on the research of scientists in various parts of the world, offer you statistics and info about what you really eat.

Among these websites, we can highlight https://khni.kerry.com This website provides you with regulations and research on sports foods,  baby and young children’s nutrition, and so on. Also, you`ll check here whether your trendy food is a real help for your body or it`s just a trend. Follow them and you`ll find answers to most of your healthcare questions.

But what if you can define a pollutant product not even buying it. And it`s possible now.  https://www.scandit.com  allows its users access to information about lab workups, nutrients and antioxidants in products, medicine researches, and others.

Meat? No need

Speaking of meat, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages. But each of us has the right to eat what you want. So, no meat means vegetarian. According to a study from the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (apps.fas.usda.gov), 35% of people in Germany suppose vegetarian food is very important and 65% of Germans are trying to minimize meat consumption. That means Germany is a leader among vegetarian countries. Most of the online services in Germany offer both vegetarian and usual food.  Such a request influences not only the agriculture field in Germany but technological and biological ones. You create a superfood, a new website makes it popular fast.  Thanks to the website and social media, people understand quite fast whether your food is worthy to be eaten and tastier than real meat.

Every day we are open to new wellness trends and websites, Google search, Facebook ads make it possible to find them out, try and realize what is good for us and what is not. And if you have a wellness trend-worthy to be googled, follow the link https://velainn.com/ and we`ll help you to make the world healthier=)


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