Where to hire developers for startup

hire developers for startup

You have a startup and now want to hire developers? It’s always a question if you need to hire local developers or a dedicated team. And sometimes you can use both options, some kind of a mixed approach.

You might have been invested already by some angel investors or use your own budget, in both options money is limited. It means you are interested in hiring professional and cost-effective people who will be able to help you move your start-up on the next level.

Let’s go step by step.

Think about this questions before hiring developers for startup

Have you already have a team?

If you already have a team of 2-3 or more people, who is the best technician to interview developers?

It’s very important to pay attention not only on SOFT skills, but also on skills and experience at the specific technology you require for the startup.

Do you need a team to boost your startup from the beginning or you want just to add an extra pair of hands with specific skills and expertise?

Developers for a startup

Do you want to hire developers in-house or remote? Nowadays, in Coronavirus reality most of startups working remotely. Is that you as well? In this case we will be happy to advice where to hire remote developers and teams.

What is your time zone? Is that important for you to be on the same (or plus / minus 2 hours) timezone like your developer to be able to work together during the working day?

According to my experience, the importance of having the same timezone depends on which tasks you want to delegate. If you have a technical guy who will assign tasks on a remote developer, sometimes it’s fine to have him at another part of the world.

If you are based in US, and want to hire a developer from Western Europe or Asia, it might be a good choice when you can assign tasks for tomorrow, and check the result in the morning. Is it convenient for you? For most of my

Where to hire developers for startup?

Where to find developers for startup is a usual question startup owners can ask.

First place where you can find people is outsourcing platform websites like Upwork. At Upwork you can find different freelancers from all over the world and hire directly.

Upwork pros:

– ability to hire developers for startup fast just by creating account and adding a credit card

– many people from all over the world

– ability to check reviews of each freelancer

– ability to find cheap people

Upwork cons

– people at Upwork are mostly freelancers who are looking for a part-time or full-time job rather than being a part of a team long term

– if a freelancer disappears or decides to leave your startup at anytime, you will not be able to protect yourself

– You will have to pay extra 3% commission when hire developers at Upwork

– Upwork takes 20% in the beginning, 10% after $500 earned, and 5% after $10K earned by a freelancer from a single customer, which is quite costly as well

– if a freelancer leaves you and remain a bad review, it will be hard to find a good developer for startup after that

– some of the freelancers have low English level

– You have to pay weekly when choosing hourly jobs

So, it’s you who decide if Upwork is a good choice for you.

Hire developers for startup at Velainn

Hire remote developers for startup at Velainn

Another option is hire developers or remote teams with the help of Velainn company.

Just contact us and let us know who you are looking for. More information you can find at this page.

Velainn Pros

– Ability to hire remote developers or even build teams with the help of our long chain of professionals

– Only tested remote developers with good level of English

– Ability to find people upon your custom request

– We sign an agreement with developers as Ukrainian company, so that it is harder to “disappear” comparing with outsource platforms

– Pay the invoice once a month, and enjoy managing your remote team

– Affordable price per hour, best option in terms of price & value

Velainn cons

– might not be a good choice for startups ready to take risks by hiring very cheap developers ($5 – $15 per hour) rather than professional devs who can move your startup on the next level

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