Best CRM for a small business in 2022

CRM software helps small business owners speed up their sales process, enhance their chances of negotiating contracts, and better manage client relationships, among other factors. A competent CRM system for small businesses may increase the quality of your job and make small business management more accessible than ever. CRM solutions are designed to assist small businesses in determining where they should spend their efforts – on streamlining and coordinating business processes.

If you’re looking for the finest CRM for small businesses, you need a simple platform with a short learning curve that can scale quickly. Velainn specializes in CRM administration and can help you grow your start-up or small business. 

What Is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the strategic management of customer relationships. It offers extensive advertising, marketing, customer care, and maintenance. It should also be able to deal with different communication methods, including email, faxes, phone calls, and video conferencing. Small enterprises and large corporations alike use CRMs.

Why Does A Small Business Need CRM?

The expansion of every organization is a priority during this period, as customer service is as crucial as production to a company’s growth. Regardless of how big or small a business is, everyone wants to grow their client base. Consumers are concerned when a company sells its products to someone else. CRM, therefore, assists in maintaining contact with clients by providing better services.

Small businesses require a CRM model when they want to manage the relationships between their company and its customers. Unless your business specializes in providing high-quality products and services, you won’t need a CRM system.  However, if you deal with many clients and have a regular need to meet their needs, you need a CRM system, because it will simplify the management of all employees’ daily tasks.

What Makes Hubspot The Best CRM For A Small Business?

A small business CRM should help you get your clients organized even with different requirements. This will enable your business to operate more efficiently. Many companies offer CRMs with different roles and regulations, but the best option is HubSpot.

Hubspot also offers free CRM software with incredible features. This free version allows you to keep track of expenses while storing an unlimited number of contacts and companies. Furthermore, if you connect your Gmail account to HubSpot, you can also see how many times the recipient opens your emails. 

After someone sends you a message, HubSpot will add your contacts immediately, so you won’t have to search through all of your emails for them. With HubSpot’s latest update, email marketing is free, but it is subject to some limitations – 2000 emails per month. Usually, that’s plenty for startups.

In addition to the free versions, Hubspot is the most affordable CRM software for small companies and startups. With a monthly charge of about $45, you can add two users who can use it simultaneously. Additionally, you can enjoy a trial period of Hubspot for 14 days to learn about its features during this time.


Companies can keep in touch with their customers using CRM software that is easily available and affordable. Among many other options, HubSpot can be the best one. It offers notable features in both free and paid versions. Moreover, it provides a significant discount for small businesses at the beginning. 

Get in touch in Velainn and see how we help small businesses set up their first CRM model using HubSpot. 

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