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If you're already using HubSpot for your daily business operations, you likely understand the importance of proper administration and the potential benefits that come from utilizing its various features. To ensure quick and seamless usage of HubSpot, it's crucial to have a Certified HubSpot Expert who can assist with HubSpot Operations. At Velainn, we have a deep understanding of HubSpot, have passed multiple certifications, and use it extensively every day. As a HubSpot Partner, we also have access to the latest tools that can help you outperform your competitors. Start maximizing the effectiveness of HubSpot today by relying on our expertise.

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Recent HubSpot Tasks


Found a reason for missing data at HubSpot

A client did not know why an important property was cleared. We found a workflow, turned it off, and aligned the process


Cleared and merged more than 2000 Duplicates

A client had a problem of duplicating Contacts, coming from specific sources, we turned on data clearance automation and merged contacts carefully


Implemented a Sales Process in HubSpot

We've implemented 2 pipelines, an automated lead journey and adopted the client to Sequnces and Prospecting Tool in HubSpot


Discover the perfect package that aligns with your objectives and caters to the unique needs of your company.


5 hours Retainer


This is a kick-off Retainer, usually used for consultations on various best practices for using HubSpot, as well as implementing small monthly tasks like creating and fixing workflows, lead journeys, reports, and more.

*paid in advance for the next billing cycle


$600 per month

10 hours Monthly Retainer


Ideal for small organizations who are eager to take charge of their HubSpot management and education, but occasionally seek the expertise of Certified HubSpot Specialists for prompt and professional assistance.

*paid in advance for the next billing cycle

$1250 per month

25 hours Monthly Retainer 


Suits best organizations that either don't want to hire full-time in-house HubSpot experts or spend time on educating a HubSpot resource internally. In this scenario, hiring a HubSpot contractor is a smart choice. They will seamlessly integrate into your company and assist your employees with their daily HubSpot operations while also adapting to the HubSpot software.

*paid in advance for the next billing cycle

*Free Trial - 1 hour of consultation & support

$2000 per month

50 hours Monthly Retainer


Ideal for organizations with a multitude of HubSpot tasks and requests, in need of daily assistance with their HubSpot operations.

*paid in advance for the next billing cycle

**Free Trial - 2 hours of consultations & support

***Ability to discuss custom options


Have trouble deciding on a package? Book a complimentary 15-minute consultation or reach out to us with any questions you may have.