HubSpot is changing its pricing model from March 5, 2024

HubSpot CRM new pricing model

HubSpot will introduce an updated, seats-based pricing model for all hub products and editions on March 5, 2024. This new pricing model will apply to new customers purchasing Starter, Professional, or Enterprise subscriptions from that date onwards while existing customers will experience no immediate changes.

As a HubSpot Partner, I understand that the HubSpot pricing model can seem complex for clients initially, so I am eager to delve into and clarify the key changes below.

Core Seats VS View-Only Seats

Core Seats will provide editing privileges for purchased Hubs, access to HubSpot's cross-platform AI products and features, and seamless integration with HubSpot's Smart CRM.

On the other hand, View-Only Seats, which are complimentary and unlimited for paid portals, will offer visibility to users who do not require editing capabilities. View-only Seats (no rights to change properties, workflows, etc.) will remain unlimited for all Premium Hubs. So, for instance, if you want to add a user that will check reports, and look for any information in the CRM without options to edit something, you can use View-Only-Seats free of charge.

Sales & Service Seats

Sales and Service Seats are paid Seats that already include abilities of Core Seats, and also Sales or Service features.

Small and mid-sized businesses will now find it easier to access Sales and Service Professional and Enterprise Hubs.

Introducing a seats-based pricing approach for all subscription tiers, effective March 5, 2024, HubSpot will eliminate seat minimums for Sales Hub and Service Hub, while introducing the Core Seat and View-Only Seat. Thus, I think, it will have a huge positive impact on Sales Hubs and Service Hubs. Now, companies looking to utilize just one seat can opt for Sales/Service Professional Hubs starting at $100 and Sales/Service Enterprise Hub Seats from $150. This means that you no longer have to commit to a minimum of 5 seats in Pro or 10 seats in Enterprise if you only need a single paid Sales seat in HubSpot. Simply pay for the seat you need and easily scale as your business grows.

Sales Hub Professional ($100/month per seat) and Sales Hub Enterprise ($150/month per Seat). 

Service Hub Professional ($100/month per Seat) and Service Hub Enterprise ($130/month per Seat).

*All the above Seats include option to edit (like COre Seat)

Other Hubs

Other Hubs will start from the same price and also will be based on several Core Seats, i.e. users with edit rights (Create Website Pages, add programmable workflows or webhooks, etc.).

Marketing Hub

The pricing structure for Marketing Hub will stay consistent, including the payment based on the number of Marketing Contacts. The key change lies in the new seats-based model that will be implemented.

Marketing Hub Professional ($890/m) including 3 Core Seats and Marketing Hub Enterprise ($3600) including 5 Core Seats.

Operations Hub 

Operations Hub Professional ($800/m) and Enterprise ($2000/m) will include 1 core seat.


CMS Hub Professional ($400/m) includes 3 Core Seats and Enterprise ($1200/m)  includes 5 Core Seats.

CRM Suite (All Hubs together for discounted pricing)

CRM Suite Starter starts from $15 per Core Seat. Can be purchased only for an annual subscription ($180/y per Core Seat)

CRM Suite Professional ($1200/m) includes 3 Core Seats, 1 Sales Seat, and 1 Service Seat

CRM Suite Enterprise ($4000/m) includes 5 Core Seats, 1 Sales Seat, and 1 Service Seat

Additional Core Seats

Starter - $15/m per Seat (only annual commitment)

Professional - $50 per Core Seat; Sales Professional Seat = $100/m; Service Professional Seat = $100/m

Enterprise - $75 per Core Seat; Sales Enterprise Seat = $150/m; Service Professional Seat = $120

Partner Seat

The great news is that when collaborating with a HubSpot Partner like Velainn, you won't need to worry about adding new Core Seats for a Partner. Partner Seats are exclusively reserved for HubSpot Partners, granting them access to all premium features (albeit with slightly fewer privileges than Super Admins). That may include customizing properties, generating insightful reports, implementing efficient workflows, and more.

As a certified HubSpot Partner, Velainn specializes in setting up HubSpot CRM for our clients. Book a complimentary 15-minute consultation with us today, and we'll guide you through any queries you may have.


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