Are you looking to buy a HubSpot Professional or Enterprise License?


Talk to Velainn first. Being a certified HubSpot Partner, we'll help you gain the following major benefits when buying a HubSpot License with Velainn:

  • You'll get a free consultancy before deciding which Hub to invest in;
  • Waive HubSpot Onboarding Fees: You'll save around $1500 - 3000 for Professional Hubs and around $3000 - $6000 for Enterprise Hubs;
  • We will make an initial Onboarding, absolutely free;
  • You'll use and pay for the features you need;
  • You'll get the best discounts possible for the Hubs - we are working closely with HubSpot to provide them for you;
  • Your HubSpot will be set up using best practices.
  • and more.

* These options are available only for Annual Licenses

** The Onboarding tasks will include a fixed amount of tasks, that you can get during a request. They are based on the License.

*** Only for new clients or for those who are using Free, Starter HubSpot Licenses and want to upgrade to Professional or Enterprise.